Maybe Mike Kelly is right about those Bomber Fans

If you guys want a good laugh check these “special” fans complaining that the Als owner threw his annual halloween party. I am not kidding, they want the door prizes to count against the cap ! LOL! I’ve seen small minded but this takes the Jack O Lantern of insanity prize 8)

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I’m fairly certain it does, count against the cap, that is.

When it comes to inane remarks, I’ve seen more than my share of winners. Out of, let’s say “sympathy” for the Bombers’ fans, they have had to endure some pretty embarassing seasons; ibid for the Ticats fans. For that matter, I was a big Ticats fans back in the 60’s with the likes of Bernie Faloney, John Barrow, GArney Henley, Angelo Mosca…

Really ? Cause you've seen the agreement of course... :roll:

The party is in lieu of a Xmas party (most guys aren't around Montreal xmas time) and is thrown by Lisa Wettenhaul for the wives of the players in gratitude for all the voluntary work and fundraising the ladies do. Maybe just maybe the Bombers should do the same for the players wives instead of having their fans trying to question the good will of organisations that do the right things in apreciation of their employees families. It would be more productive to ask Lyle why the Bombers don't do things like that for the players wives :slight_smile:

Our spies tell us Cobourne and his wife were the winners of an all-expense-paid trip to France – thanks to owner Robert Wetenhall, who threw a Halloween party for the team last Sunday.

The player with the best costume was awarded the free trip. We're told Cobourne came dressed as the Grey Cup, while his wife dressed as the East Division championship trophy.

Herb better get his facts straight then.

That Halloween party has been a yearly thing for years. You dont seem to understand what I am saying. There is no way a party hosted by the owner or his wife ( Bob Young hosts one every year) and door prizes are part of the SMS. The trip is not in lieu of pay ! Its not a vehicle or a condo that cuts costs to a player and gives a competitive edge to a team signing that player.

I personaly detest the SMS because of suggestions like those. If you win a trip at the company xmas party does it come off your pay ?

Why should it count against the cap?

When a team wins the cup, do their rings count against the cap?
If they thow a party for the winning team, does that count against the cup?

Thinks that count are things that a player can take instead of a salary, and something he would have to pay for out of his own pocket, rent, a car, groceries. Certainly not a party. NO player is going to say "OK, take off 5000$ from my pay so that it doesnt show agaist the cap....and throw us a party instead!!!!

Maybe Herb needs a few extra bucks ? As a whistleblower :lol: I heard the league is paying pretty well.

Doesn't matter why the owner gave a player and his wife an all expensed paid trip to Europe, does it ?


Point being, there is no distinction, nor can there be if the system is to function properly.

In the past, players received unregistered benefits such as apartments, cars and hockey tickets as teams looked to sweeten compensation by under-the-table means.
The proposal, conceived by a committee of owners and executives, passed by a 7-2 vote. The Montreal Alouettes and B.C. Lions dissented.
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You equate an appartement or a car to winning a trip at a costume party ?

Well, how about tickets ?

Zero tolerance, is the only way.

SO if the owner hands a player a stick of should count?

Sorry PIggy but you are being ridiculous!

As you quoted yourself...

as teams looked to sweeten compensation by under-the-table means
A party with door prizes is not going to sweeten the deal..... No agent is going to try to convince a player to sign with Montreal because they have a costume party with a door prize.

A free car will, because the player no longer has to pay for it....that's money in his pocket
An apartment......he no longer has to pay for it.

A party....with a chance to win a trip will not sweeten a deal.

However if EVERY player recieved this trip.....I would agree with you. 1 player as a doorprize.....NO way!

I know what your saying and I agree that you have to draw the line somewhere.

But ask yourself these question:

Q: How many owners will/can offer a player a piece of gum ?
A: Most if not all.

Q: How many owners give away all expense paid trips to Europe to their players ate parties ?
A: Only one that we know of.

See the difference ?

The answer is irrelevant.
The reason for the SMS is to keep the playing field level.....A door prize at a party does not tip the field.

Ask yourself this question.

If I were to offer you a job at 20% less than what you are making now, with a promise of a wicked party and door prizes. Would you quit your job and come work for me?

Im sure the answer is no

What the SMS is supposed to prevent are things in lieu of money but have the same monitary was pointed out cars condos and even a guaranteed trip....not door prizes

Then you don't understand the purpose of the SMS.

You can offer door prizes to the coaches, office staff, janitors etc.

You can not offer door prizes to the players.

It's as simple as that.

If I can offer a different way to explain:

There is an element of randomness in a door prize, if done properly. True that Cobourne is one of the key players in the organization. But what stops, I do not know, Anthony Maggiacomo or Andrew Woodruff to win it? Therefore, the prize can not be used to lure players from other teams.

Another explanation is a fiscal one. Door prize is not included in your T4. Check it out. Ergo, it is NOT part of salary, consequently it DOES NOT count to the salary cap.


Did you read what I wrote or do you cover your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and hum and then post?

Do you understand the purpose of the SMS?
seriously? Do you?

Explain how a party with a door prize will tip the playing field towards one team. I gave you a hypothetical situtation. You ignored it

No team will lure players away from another team because of a door prize... A doorprize does not create an unfair advantage....that's the bottom line!

As I said if every player receives a trip then yes it should count. 1 player WINS a prize no

Whining that it should be counted is simply that, whining

Excelent point!!!
Here in Quebec we pay tax on all employee benifits.

The company pays preimums on my health insurance....the amount they pay is included on my TP4(Quebec T4)
I get a discount if I buy a ski-doo or Ski-doo clothing. That discount is included on my TP4

Company christmas parties. door prizes and company prizes are not

How he won the prize isn't the issue. The issue is that it was bought and paid for by his employer, the Als.

Doesn't matter that it was by some 'random' draw. Why do you think most contests and raffles are not open to employees or their spouses ?

It is the appearance of impropriety that is at issue here and the reason the league hired independent compliance officers to investigate and audit things.

As for the issue of signing players, how do you know that Cobourne wasn't thinking of testing free agency any time soon ? Would this not be considered an enticement to extend him with the Als again ?