Maybe Marcel wasn't so wrong after all....

That was a pathetic pass interference call on that Montreal pick....

its like that NBA scandal…just making sure of the point spread.

Just posted this in another thread:

WOW other teams DO get BS penalties called against them, MTL just got flagged for pass interence, nullifying an INT when the receiver was NOT even touched.... BRUTAL REFFING continues!!!!

and the powder/baby blue team gets points off it.....sad really!!

Marcel was wrong for airing the issue in public. That's been the sentiment from the majority. The majority here feel the CFL needs to improve the quality of officiating. That call should get the man fired IMO. It really seems like the flag was thrown to cover up a major blunder.

Wow, that's all I have to say about that call. Wow!

Apparently even Canadian referees are unaware that there are 12 players on the field! I guess he forgot about Boulay behind him so he throws a flag to save face.

Top notch!

  • paul

By keeping quiet... it just gets swept under the rug. I commend Marcel for his intestinal fortitude.

But it won’t change a thing The rug is still there.

What a call.

If you look at the replay, the official that blew the whistle signaled incomplete, he didn't wait to watch the ball land.

I didn't see which official threw the flag, maybe it was an afterthought to cover the gaff.

Its probably not OK to put TSNCBC stuff up on YouTube is it? Somebody should make a bad call compilation, that would be hilarious.

I don't think we can truly judge yet whether Marcel's public complaining was the right approach. If it gets things moving a little faster behind the scenes...

It was the same official. You do the math....

Really! Well then the league can't ignore this one, or can they?

It will be interesting to hear what the Al's have to say about this.

But, right now it looks like they are going to win the game, so I doubt if much will be said.

At least the powder blue team lost. This way there won't be a second consecutive week of a zebra choking on his whistle as the TSN Turning Point.

speaking of TSN... are they the official broadcasters of the argoNOTS??? Sure seemed like it...

Maybe the worst blown call I've seen; not in terms of how it affected the outcome, but just how blind the official was in not watching the football out of play or to the ground.

To call a play dead missing an interception is plain horrid.

Is it true that the flag was thrown by the official who blew the play dead?

Maybe the CFL assigns the "b team" refs (3 Stooges, anyone?) on Thursday nights? After all it was exactly one week to the day to the debacle in BC.

hmmm... stealing my tagline? j/k