Maybe Marcel should be looking over his shoulder

After reading Milton's article in todays Spec regarding Dan Rambo, I got the impression that he has the tools to be a GM. It would appear from Scott Mitchell's remarks and Milton's comments that Marcel may not be as solid as we think.

Your thoughts?

Marcel is doing just fine in my opinion…

He’s the boss of the football side and any attempt to undermine him as you are suggesting is just wrong…

Fans called for a house-cleaning and that’s what we got…sealed and delivered!’s a slow process and that’s why I’ve been noticeably quiet during all these losses and not done my usual rants…I understand things take time (and yes, I get frustrated too…but still…)

Chances are we aren’t going to win the Grey Cup this year anyhow so let’s stop with the rash moves and stick with the people we have for a change and let them work it out…these ridiculous “quick fix” moves have to stop and let’s give the staff some freaking breathing room…I’m still not convinced getting rid of the likes of Coach Marshall, Coach McPhee and Coach Reed (and others) were wise moves but that’s water under the bridge now…let’s not keep doing the same knee-jerk moves is what I’m saying…

Let GM Desjardin’s work show some fruit by the end of this season. We may be pleasantly surprised in my opinion.

I think Desjardins brought in enough good players for Taafe and his staff to work with to be competitive THIS SEASON. That the team is doing so poorly is a reflection on others.

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I think he's doing ok. It's his first full year as GM, and it's nice to have a football man in the GM role.

While I don't like the way some of his trades have gone, the players we traded haven't done much in their new homes. I'm also not a big fan of the constant cutting of players in season. But it does seem like our Canadian talent is steadily improving. So in my opinion he hasn't done great but he hasn't been horrible either.

I don't think Marcel should be looking over his shoulder.
I think he should be looking for another QB!!!
Even so...I think Marcel has a long career as GM in Hamilton. Starting over with a rebuilt team is a tough job but at least he was willing to take it on. This year's disappointments will pave the way for better years in the future. We will have continuity with Marcel and Charlie which is a main ingredient for building championship football teams. I'll start to worry about Marcel and Charlie if there is no improvement after next season. However thats a situation I really can't see happening.

just a quick note about some people thinking that
he brought in enough good players for charlie to
work with-you THINK he brought in enough good players?
i guess your entitled to your opinion but...THINK again. the players he's gotten rid of are better in some cases than players he's brought in. don't kid yourself, he's on borrowed time if you read into some of mitchell's comments and rambo would certainly be an upgrade.

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These two fellas are not stupid. They have a plan for re-building and anytime a player is released you can bet its because they don't fit in with the plan. Marcel and Charlie will have to live or die with their plan but I predict there will be lots more changes yet before the end of this season.
I just can't figure out yet why they seem to be unwilling to upgrade the QB situation also at this stage. Maybe all will be revealed by October.

Let's take it all apart and rebuild from the top down. :slight_smile:

I sure as hell wouldnt want a guy named Rambo breathing on the back of my neck. That should keep Marcel very keen indeed.

Here is Friday August 17th's column by Steve Milton.

I guess this conjecture about Marcel Desjardin
is one of those 'reading between the lines' things.

One could also get the impression that
Milton sees the ground under the feet
of Craig Smith and Mike Mc Carthy
as not being very firm as well.

A quote from the article

The top brass have gone out of their way to praise
the personnel work of Smith and McCarthy

and insist that neither is in jeopardy,

although the final structure of the office
has yet to be determined.

There is going to be, though,
a change in emphasis toward
more sophisticated technology

-- hey, the owner is a computer guy! --

and a broader, more thorough cross-checking
of the top prospects on both sides of the border.

That will all require more spending,
and will be activated by Rambo,

who did not come cheaply.

He makes well into six figures,

and not very many teams in the CFL
would have the financial wherewithal,

or desire, to spend that on the No. 2 man
in the personnel hierarchy.

"At the end of the day we haven't been doing
a good enough job of bringing people in here,"

Mitchell says. "It's reflected in our record.

So we're re-evaluating the way we recruit
and identify players.

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Marcel has done well considering anyone who has any talent is still trying out in the NFL. The next few weeks I'm sure you will see some new talent coming our way. I hope this includes some Qb's because my gut feeling is Maas will gone sooner than later due to his inconsistent play and big contract. Same as Corey Holmes

I think the Ticats are doing a great thing by trying to separate themselves from the competition by employing a bigger and better player evaluation/acquisition department. It is funny because this is exactly the thing a team like the Toronto Maple Leafs should be doing with all their money now that there is a salary cap.

If you are a team with deep pockets, like the Ticats are to a certain degree, it makes perfect sense to hire the best player personnel people in the business.

The more players in the U.S. that know who the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are, what and where they play, the better! This is the sort of move that will start paying dividends during the time of NFL cuts and the level of competition during next season's training camp.

And this is what Dan Rambo's hire and his extensive contacts look to accomplish!

Oskee Wee Wee!

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[i]Rambo, who is based in the Ottawa region of Gloucester, had been the football pointman of an Ottawa group that made a serious attempt to resurrect a CFL franchise in Ottawa this year.

He will report to Ticats' GM Marcel Desjardins, but will work out of his home.[/i]

Rambo is only a chopper ride away Marcel. :x