Maybe It's time ?

After seeing NHL Edmonton Oilers play the Cologne Sharks . The Bruins played a team in Ireland not long ago . The Raptors tonight playing Melbourne United and soccer crossing over leagues it’s time to return to the NFL and CFL exhibition game in August .

The CFL will have to bite the bullet for the exposure as the CFL teams will be in it’s regular season .

Maybe it’s time to light it up and play CFL rules one half NFL the second or vice versa and get it on .

As a fan it maybe time to bring on the heat and challenge . I know I will watch it .

Hopefully CFL teams do better against NFL teams than Melbourne tonight against The Raptors .

If the Argos of today played an exhibition game in Toronto in August against a decent NFL team and stayed close that might be the thing to recharge the CFL in Toronto instantly .

If they won well it might be the game that launches a renewed life into the CFL brand big time .

I think pausing our regular season for an exhibition against another league might devalue our season. And what coach is going to risk his star players in a meaningless exhibition game, especially in the middle of the season.

I think the league’s strategy of trying to convince naysayers that we’ve got good athletes too or we are nice guys who embrace diversity are not going to sway those naysayers. They need an edgy approach that conveys something like 'yeah, we’re not the NFL and we don’t care / we don’t want to be".

Yes but the Russia series against NHL teams seem to have pumped up the volume and it was mid way during the season .

For us the CFL it’s not meaning less but the NFL yes maybe if they go by the script and win big .

BUT the NHL risks it’s stars against European teams before the season begins .

The NHL risks it’s players during the world championship every year .

The NHL risks it’s players for the Olympics before .

It seems all the world leagues play each other but not football .

Baseball they play ( Japan ) . Basketball they play . Hockey they play .

For Canadians we need Validation .

Have we improved past the early 1960’stogive the NFL a bigger fightthis time .

It’s time to put up and see what a CFL team can do with the dividedhalfs of rules .

Bell Media can pull it off they have the influence with Both leagues to make it happen .

Aug 2 1961 St Louis Cardinals beat the Argos 36 - 7

Aug 5 1961 Chicago Bears beat the Alouettes 34 - 16

Aug 8 1961 Hamilton Tiger Cats beat the Buffalo Bills 38 -21

Then let’s have the games in October, so both leagues have to take a break from their schedule to do it.

I don’t think the validation thing is ever going to work. If the CFL team wins, doubters will just say the NFL players weren’t trying . . . just like when Ricky Williams didn’t set rushing records when he played for the Argos.

I agree with line of thinking.

Good luck having the NFL putting their best players at risk to injury for meaningless games.

Doing during their preseason is even more meaningless. How would the NFL evaluate their talent playing half the games on the Canadian rules anyways.

Watching NFL back ups won’t move the needle in interest.

Looking at other sports. The NHL does not stop their schedule for international tournaments. Their season is close enough to the international calendar that they can spare a couple of teams to play overseas.

If the CFL wants to use the pre season to expand their footprint, they’re better off playing nuetral site games which could be happening south of south of the border.

The NFL play exhibition games in August .

The NHL Oilers had Conner Mc David playing Cologne . The NHL risks it's stars all the time .

Every exhibition game is a risk . Players get injured in practice .

The CFL needs it the NFL doesn't . That's the rub .

CFL gets a boost if they win or keep it close .

NFL wins nothing by winning or even playing except goodwill .

If they are challenged they will respond . Especially by the BELL group who seem to own both interests .

All the other sports test the international field where there is a field to test .

The Esks didn't play the NFL during their domination in the 50's or 70/80 years of dynasty it might have been a great time to have won some who look down at the CFL .

Would have loved to have seen the USFL in it's final year they may have also won a few converts if they played games against the NFL .

Jim Hunt's article from back then .

Funny is the Argos actually grew their base . They were not deterred by there three years of futility not just in the CFL but the three games they played against the NFL .

Toronto LOVES an underdog story .

I agree.

...we are nice guys who embrace diversity are not going to sway those naysayers.
Yes! That's putting it precisely.
They need an edgy approach that conveys something like 'yeah, we're not the NFL and we don't care / we don't want to be".
I agree! An updated "Radically Canadian" campaign. My suggestion would be "This is Canada. Love it or go for a long swim in the Lake." But then again there's a reason (probably several) why I'm not put in charge of marketing campaigns....


Even if the CFL had anything to gain through such a game, what’s in it for the NFL? What do they gain? They will gain next to no exposure whatsoever, as the vast majority of their fans wouldn’t care about the game, since they are convinced the CFL is slightly less than high school.
They win, their fans say, “Yeah, so? It’s just the CFL.” They lose, their fans say, “Really? You lost to the CFL?”
The financial gain for the NFL would be less than insignificant.
Why would they risk any of their players, all-stars or fourth-stringers, in a venture that offered them nothing in return?

Once the Schooners start to play, rotating in an NFL team in August would allow for even more difference in the schedule. NFL plays four preseason games; having 10 NFL teams play one game against CFL teams, would still allow them to evaluate their roster, I think.

Yeah, but wouldn’t it give those 10 teams an unfair advantage over the others, having the extra game?
Or if you mean play against a CFL team instead of NFL, it would put those 10 teams at a disadvantage, as they would have fewer games matched up against the teams they’ll be playing in the regular season.

Nothing in it for them.

can’t people just watch the CFL for entertainment which IT IS and forget about this NFL? The infatuation with anything American by some in this country is astounding. They ain’t better then us QUIT worshipping them.

Exactly! Well said.

Did the Mayweather-McGregor flight do anything to raise the profile of boxing? Any proof of increased PPV hits for future real fights?

That was also an us vs. them mindset in the boxing Fan’s perspective. After the big payday, both sports have just gone along their merry way.

CFL vs. NFL matches will no staying power or any realistic reasons for getting off the ground in the 21st century for the reasons listed above.

If anyone wants gimmicks and ‘inter sports propotion’ watch wrestling instead.

Hmmmmm. You may have a point there. What would Calgary be today without the boost the city got from Abdullah?


And if they get crushed (as one would think the present Argos likely would be) then it would be all the ammo a lot of people ever needed

Age old questions:

  • These are very different games. Who’s rules are they playing by? What field size? How many players?
  • What’s in it for the NFL? They have nothing to gain here. The only thing that would even moderately benefit them is absolutely crushing a CFL team. Any other outcome harms their brand.

The rules are the same as the 50 and 60's games one half CFL and one half NFL .

If you ask me how to get it done .

Use the goodwill angle plus every other sport and league plays other teams in other leagues now some way less in stature .

The game will be played with all proceeds to a charity . The veterans relief fund etc .. or any other worthy cause like aid for football players suffering from brain trauma . The NFL will be pulled in for a one of . I can see it .

Plus who better but our own Bell Media group to get it done . They just won some Super Bowl cash during the USMCA deal .

With Bell owning them it is one way to build the brand which is an underdog brand now anyways why not push the edge a bit .

The games where the Argos were hammered in the 59 , 60 and 61 were also a bad team in the CFL at the time .

Bottom line it really couldn't hurt but it might get more people talk CFL .

If you read Hunt's article back then they were also talking minor league CFL .

The NFL guys were bigger and still are but a one of might go over well for the CFLPA and the NFLPA if it's used for concussion awareness .

If the Boston Bruins in 2010 can play the Belfast Giants out of goodwill I am pretty sure we can get something done for the CFL . Cologne playing the Edmonton Oilers this year is another with Conner MCDavid at risk .

The travel is not too far just across the border and there will always be risk no matter what sport .

Let's bring it on and make it a worthy cause for the CFLPA and NFLPA if that is what requires to get the NFL to bring them to the contest .

Let's just hope the CFL players bring there A game that day if it ever happens .