Maybe its time to try out a new team ?

All this hype about Ottawa coming back to the CFL again !!?? I am a firm believer that maybe the CFL should look to another city to get that elusive 10th team. Why not try out Halifax or Quebec or London ? The CFL has tried 2 and a half times to field a franchise in Ottawa and it has failed 3 times. Maybe time to start marketing a different area of this county....I for one would be interested in seeing Halifax in particular get a team...they deserve it and I believe it would go over well there.

Ottawa is a hockey city, not a football city...just like Toronto.

What do you think ?

I think if you can arrange for new stadiums to be built in those places, your dreams will come true.

Halifax = Commonwealth Games 2014 !

I'd much rather see a team in Halifax than anywhere else.

Will Hamilton be in the West Division then?

No, Winnipeg will be moved back to their rightful position in the West Division.

Ottawa is the only city in Canada where the CFL can add a team because Ottawa has a stadium.

The only other place is Windsor, and that's only if they temporarily play their games in a Detroit stadium until such time that they raise enough revenue to build a stadium in Windsor.

Another team in the States? That really worked out before...

The problem though is they went to areas that did not get many broadcasts of the CFL game. Had they added teams closer to the 49 th they might have made it work. Portland, Spokane, Great Falls, Omaha, etc just might work these cities will never get a pro team in the NFL. Those are great sport towns! the big problem is a stadium that would fit the CFL field.

No team besides Edmonton has been able to average as many fans as Baltimore did since they relocated.

Every City That Was Listed Has A Stadium. They Are All Stadiums Between 10 000 And 15 000 Capacity And Each One Of Them All Ready Has The CFL Sized Field Located In It And Each Of The Stadiums Have The Capacity To Be Renovated To 25 000 And Add An Option To Grow To The Required 50 000 Needed To Host The Grey Cup.

And I Agree We Should Be Looking At Finding Somewhere Besides Ottawa To Expand To, However Technically Next Year's Ottawa Isn't Actually A New Expansion Team, It's The Suspended Renegades.

Yes, but renovations cost money and they take time to make. The fact that many stadiums are owned by municipalities only adds to the complications of trying to make upgrades. Also, these things take years to work out.

An owner can put a team in Ottawa tomorrow if he wants.

cnauta70 wrote:

Ottawa is a hockey city, not a football city...just like Toronto
Um, this is Canada, every friggin city is a hockey city, not a football city so to speak. And when you say hockey, I'm assuming you mean NHL. I can't think of one city in Canada where the majority of its sports fans wouldn't want, if there was a choice between the two, an NHL team over a CFL team (I'm not one of these folk BTW). But that doesn't mean the CFL can't work in all of these Canadian cities, for a number of reasons, many of which are obvious and some not so obvious.

Making the CFL work in Ottawa will require, in that market as in some other markets perhaps, sound, respectful ownership that caters to families and kids rather than testosterone filled young gents. It really can work with the right ownership, I'm convinced, and with the city there allowing ownership to make some money with the stadium for other events.

FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. I might add one more thing, a winning team. If Ottawa ever gets a winning team again, i predict that Frank Clair Stadium would be a near sell-out all the time. As it was during the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s, when they had winning records.

Like someone said Halifax is bidding for the Commonwealth games. If they win they’re building a really nice stadium which will basically seal the deal and bring a CFL team to Halifax (those Schooners they were talking about in 1984

no idea that there accually were talks of getting a team in 1984, the population of halifax since then has near doubled, so i mean with the CW games pretty much seals the deal with the CFL team. i accually like those black and silver, with a trace of blue, and the deckle on the helmet looks sweet.
because halifax has no major league teams, or even an AHL minor league team, all they have there is the mooseheads who are a major junior team. with a population base of 400,000 + another 400,000 in a 3 hour drive radius, CFL WILL be supported in nova scotia thats for sure. football in general is BOOMING in atlantic canada every year. our highschool league basiaclly grows by 2 schools every year now, and university attendences are averaging like 3k, and SMU getting roughly 10k every game, i can see halifax getting at least 30k every home game for the first few season at least.

cfl in halifax= me being season ticket holder :wink: