Maybe it's time to look 4 a New Coach!

I couldn't help but notice the bad calls that should of been made as a head coach. That flag in Wally's pocket is not for blowing your nose. We should of had a touch down and came away with nothing. If your quarterback is not performing put in the other quarterback. It seems as thou Wally has a vendetta about using Jurious Jackson in place of what's his name, oh ya, peace head -opps Pierce.

Yes, and to add to that, time to rid the non performing players or the ones continually making mistakes! That's yer job Wally, and if you don't do it, it might fall on your head.

On the Post Game Wally blamed 2 fumbles as the reasons for losing, not the fact that the D line didn't show up until the second half and the O line, well the O line has never been there. Wally's ego just maybe to big for further success. Too many of the same mistakes and problems that have been lingering for 3 yrs have now culminated to this mess. If rebuilding is necessary start with the offensive coaches and the O-Line front four. Wally may need to move to GM and turn coaching over to Benevidas.

I hear yeah Hammer, We all know in some way that the team needed a facelift from the old core for the last 6 years. I believe that Wally can turn this thing around.
Maybe not the records we had previuosly but give him sometime to work things out.

I completely disagree with getting rid of Wally.

Wally is not missing tackles, dropping passes, throwing interceptions, missing blocks, and taking bad penalties.

This team can play much better than this and until they do it is hard to pin it all on Coach.

Do not forget all that Buono has done for the last 6 years and it isn't fair to jump on him for one bad start.

It's the coaches job to ensure a team is ready to play, including every aspect of the game, it's his job to make sure the dumb things that have happened the past few games don't happen. From the goal line call, to have Jarious try to follow the Vanilla Midgets O Line straight ahead TWICE. To why would he even consider Grice -Mullens being allowed to touch a football,.......sorry but the man has no hands. And apparently no real on field smarts, what was he doing after he tripped over his own feet and fell in the 4th? standing around whining for a penalty while Hamilton intercepts and runs the ball past him. Almost cheered the Hamilton player that popped him and woke him up.

It's also the General Managers job to ensure the coach has players capable of getting the job done.

Strike 2

Yeah, get rid of Wally. Great idea. Perhaps get the Felions to be our new O-Line? Both ideas are equally well thought out and will have a similar result.