Maybe it's the new stripes on the ball?

Apparently Mr. Maas is not a fan of the new stripes. I wonder if this has anything to do with how he is playing this year.

Get a Grip
"Maas wonders why any stripes -- sewn or painted -- are needed.

"If they went to stitching to replace painted stripes, why don't they go one step further and get rid of the stripes? he said."

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Apparently he is not the only one that is having troubles with the new ball.

A few of the boys were complaining about them at the Damon Allen QB Challenge we had here in the spring.

You have to wonder if enough players complain if they won't actually get rid of the stripes which would be a shame but then the CFL ball didn't have any stripes up until the 60's I believe it was.

I think the problems go deeper than the stripes on the ball.

An Argo fan

I would assume such as well Barney.

bbJust when I thought I heard it all with regards to the CFL ... this !!??

You can be sure this is NO SMALL DETAIL ... I mean - ANY TIME required to 'get used' to the new ball is COMPLETELY WASTED in my opinion ... why the HE!! the change anyway ?? Is the league sooooo INSECURE they feel the need to distinguish their football from the NFL's ??????

Although I am sure it is not ENTIRELY to blame, necessarily, for Maas' less than stellar performance - it has to be SOME TYPE of FACTOR !!

When I think about it - Henry Burris is having some unexpected problems. Then there was the Eakin disaster ...

Players may not be EXCUSED for their sad performances BUT I HAVE TO BELIEVE the STITCHED STRIPES !!!!????? are having an effect.

This is sooooooooooo CFL ... "lets mess with the MOST PRIMARY object in our game - just so we can look different than the big bad american football !!!" - HOW INCREDIBLY ABSURD !!!

This, combined with that AWFUL JOKE known as 'instant replay' has probably done more to HINDER, COMPROMISE, and otherwise DETRACT from the game this year - than any ten other things.

I really hope the next commissioner has a little more common fe-eakin sense !!


Maybe it's the new Stripes the mascot. We have not had much success since the second mascot arrived. :slight_smile:

yeah there u go..start blaming it on the football