maybe it's not the recievers!

Great we got Armsteadand good luck to Corey Holmes(maybe he can be used more there)

how many recievers are we going to trade for or sign in order to try to make Maas look like a good choice to name as our starter and how is Armstead going to be effective when Maas has trouble throwing more than 20 yards.

Can anyone tell me how many recievers have been on the roster?

P.S. great trade can't think of a negitive side (yet)

what games have you been watching

I argee the reciver arn't the problem but neither is maas

then whose to blame

This team is not going to excel until we have a "rifle of a arm" for a qb.

It's as simple as that.

A Big Arm dose not allways win you a Grey Cup.
Good Coaching Team work and Bonding in Lock Room Dose.

Maas hasn't won anyone a cup either....and never will.

WE keep changing the bullets ,when instead we need to change the "Gun" ( Maaas )What is the point in blaming our recievers who never get the ball deep in stride except when Chang hit Brock deep.How can we blame the o-line it is working it's butt off for Lumsden.It is like we are blind to the obvious ?

Chang hit Ralph deep....and Maas overthrew him? I don't get your point. Also look at the passes Chang threw at the end of that game v. Montreal. Airmailed two of them and one he missed a wide open Nate Curry. And for those who say we need a QB with a rocket are look at Edmonton Ricky Ray throws the ball with more finesse then anyone in the league and think of how good his competion percentage would be if Incompleterson didn't drop every other ball. Just sayin'

Am I the only one who sees Jason Maas' arm strength as finally starting to show a little bit of improvement?

I know it will never be great, but it seems to me like he is finally getting a bit of length back in his surgically repaired arm.

I realize I wear glasses, but that is just what I have seen over the last couple games.

And I am surprised no one rags on Anthony Calvillo! Oh that is right, because his team won a couple more games than we have. That dude throws some of the ugliest footballs this side of Kurt Warner! If he didn't have Ben Cahoon getting 8 yards a catch, they would be in the basement with us and the ____s!

It just goes to show you how fine the line is between victory and defeat is in this wonderful football league we all love!

  • paul

No one rags on Cavillo because he wins!!!Maas on the other hand loses us winnable games .This team does not have timefor Maas toget better!!!!!!!

Can I say one thing please?

"I" before "E" except after "C"

Ok, except all the exceptions. English is such a hodgepodge of a language.

Weren't we talking about beer?

.....the team that loses together, wins together......stop pointing blame at 1 individual.


Yes and a brain to go along with that rifle of an arm.

Yes but what about the theory that you're only as strong as your weakest link. lol

And Toni has been sacked twice as many times this year than Maas has.

Jason Maas you are the weakest link good bye

Fact is in the cfl, the qb is ultra-critical. It is a qb driven league. Toronto loses it's starter Bishop and the whole team falls apart. The qb is the focal point.
You only get three downs, the field is much bigger, and if you can't get the ball deep, you ain't going to win. Oh yah, quick feet are another needed asset.
If I may add one more requirement, that would .....being, calm, cool and rational under pressure.

To be fair Maas has delivered the ball well to any number of receivers who have failed to hold onto it, or run the pattern called and be there to catch it.

In addition, he has endured the beating when his OLine opens like the Red Sea, and gets him pulverised.

I don't know who gets to call the plays, or invent them, but I honestly don't think its Maas that didn't use Holmes in the Offense, as opposed an OC on the sidelines...

Tim Chang might wind up being a good QB at some point in the future, but tossing him in now, before he learns the nuances of the CFL would just be squandering him. And we cannot afford that. We are on the edge of a very good team, if we can just hold it together a bit longer.

That's strange, most of the passes that I've seen Maas throw over five yards have been wobbly; I think it's to the credit of the receivers that as many of his passes have been caught as have been.

As for Chang, the desire to baby him is probably more counter-productive than giving him playing time. Maybe that little push over the edge that the team needs is Chang as a QB, but I suppose this year if that is the case we won't know until it's too late.