Maybe I shouldn't be offended...

...But I kinda am a bit. Look at the pics for the new Lansdowne design... That field looks awfully American. The artist should at least have been given CFL field dimensions to work with. What's next?........... The Bills in Ottawa? lol. I know that I'm just being picky, but I can't help it. That's just the way I feel.

bored today?

Maybe an American field is easier to draw than a Canadian field...same as its easier to play on :cowboy:


WOW, those pictures look amazing.
the stadium only holding 24,000 seems abit small, but i guess they can always expand with endzone seating if needed.

i hope this gets done, cuz it looks like a great place to chill.

theres a 3-D rendering over at

its just a drawing.. it wont end up looking like the picture. besides they are probably gonna choose one of the other designs instead.

...Hope so cause the earlier renders were much better.

Also, according to the drawing, they plan on playing American Football at the new stadium 8) and what is with the wooden clam like structure that surrounds the south stands?

i thought today was the announcement of the design they have chosen, which is the one in the pictures on

There is no "competition" for the stadium design. There are 5 entrants for a competition to develop a public park on the Landsdowne grounds, but those grounds and that competition does not include the stadium.

The artist's conception for Empire Field in Vancouver also used an American field. Just as long as they build it the right dimensions, all is well. :expressionless:

ya, wouldn't that be the worst disaster ever?

can you imagine the headline?

Company builds wrong sized field for CFL Team!

man that would just suck and really be an embarassment.

I know, the CFL needs specific police like what Quebec has with their "language police" that look at signs and all that. In this case it would be the "CFL police" that look for anything like the American fields here or balls with no stripes, hmmm, what else, are the chains a bit different that they use in American vs Canadian ball? 8)

The CFL uses different whistles. :lol:

A bit? They've got the number 4 in the Dial-A-Down!

cfl has smarter fans :thup:

Ok, in terms of artists renditions and that type of thing, I can live with an American looking field but showing a chain stick with the number 4 on it, well, then I think I would become comatose if I saw that! :o :wink:

But cflisthebest, I hear ya in your original post, I do. :thup:

From only about four months on here, and the major reason I stay, I can't tell you how much smarter the average Canadian is also about NFL football than even my average fellow countrymen. Even my mom commented to me in admirationy with regard to her Canadian neighbours in Florida too, so perhaps I'll get to meet some when I move down there (and actually watch CFL action with some real fans there too). Go figure I'll meet more Canadians in Florida than anywhere else I have lived in the US?

Sadly, though don't get the wrong impression because there are so many fine of us in the wide spectrum, my average fellow citizen has the intelligence of the average shopper at Wal-Mart with that of the average NFL fan slightly lower. :roll: Check the look on the faces in the crowd in the cross section next time you watch an NFL game and the camera pans the stands should you remain doubtful.

And these voting folks in most congressional districts pretty much decide who will represent them in the House as well as in many cases their state in national elections for the rest of us perhaps taking some time to inform ourselves beyond the b00b tube.

I'm going to guess there is something in the beer up there for the better at least in that regard too. :thup: