Maybe Compass should do this

Drop the cost of water bottles to like 1.50 or something like that. I really enjoy drinking water and if the cost of water bottles were cheaper I would buy maybe 4-5 bottles. If they don't want to reduce prices on water and I understand that they need to make profit from concessions but I can buy 35 bottles for 5.99 not one and a half. I think they should let at least let people bring in their own water if they don't drop the price

I don't like the price of beer. Can I bring my own?

Water bottles full of vodka.
You know someone is going to try.

Beer is a different story although the price of that is outrageous as well. However if people were able to bring in their own booze it would cause alot of problems with drunk fans but at the same time if people were allowed to bring in water then they should be allowed to bring in other things. So perhaps they should just drop the water price. I was trying to get away from that one thread about Tight security at the last game but it coincides with that one in the fact of I don't see a problem with someone bringing in water.

Bottles would have to be sealed. No sealed bottle no chance

The Ticat organization should change its policy prohibiting people to bring a plastic bottle of water to the games. The City of Hamilton should also ensure that the water fountains at Ivor Wynne Stadium are in good working order.

This is a health and safety issue- people need to be well hydrated, particularly during the hot summer months. People are allowed to take water bottles to work and to most other public places. The argument made by the “powers that be” that plastic water bottles can be used as projectiles is unsupported by fact- plastic bottles of pop are sold at Ivor Wynne Stadium and public safety has not become an issue there.

One can understand that the Ticats have a legitimate economic interest to prohibit people from bringing most types of food and beverage into Ivor Wynne Stadium. Water, however, is a physiological necessity. Therefore, please lighten up on the water restriction at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Why in the world would they want to restrict water.

A good rule of thumb to find the source of most problems DuckMonk

is "Follow the money.":smiley:

We were allowed to bring Water into the Argo game on Sat.

There are ways of getting around that Hitchcock..... not that i've tried, but i know some of those who have.

Drinking Hamilton water is probably more dangerous than having the container of that water being used as a projectile.

I digress.

come on down the 403 and try some Brantford water my argo-hatin brother.... shudder

I realize you're TRYING to be funny but you're way off base and promoting the typical bash of anything Hamilton.

IIRC, a few years ago, The Spectator ran a blind taste test using Hamilton tap water and various bottled waters and Hamilton's water came out on top. (other than the yearly algae problem found in any Lake Ontario water source)

Besides, water quality tests of supposedly superior bottled water has revealed they're not always as pristine, pure and safe as most people think or believe.


They s*** bring back Armark , I never once had a warm overpriced beer from that company :thup:

I, for one, am going to bring my own water. I have been for years.

TCTD is correct in saying that this is a health and safety issue. I'll go one step further in saying that access to drinking water is a right and by limiting our access to it by confiscating it at the gate and then charging outrageous prices for it inside is simply a violation of that right.

What bothers me most is that police officers that are paid by our taxes are being used to increase the profitability of a private company.

I will continue to bring my own water. Thank goodness football jerseys are baggy. :slight_smile: