Maybe Barrin Simpson will follow Coach Marshall?

Wouldn't that be tasty ... :rockin:

I love to see it ..

Barrin is Nasty on the Field that what we want Nasty mean football Players on D

The signing of Marshall could also entice Bomber defensive end Gavin Walls to seriously consider the Ticats if he becomes a free agent.

How old is Simpson BTW? Gamer all the way, speed and quickness to the ball.

BS is 31.
He had never missed a game before last season pectoral muscle.

Marshal will know if he still has enough gas in the old tank!

CFL All-Star: 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

31?? Pfffft WAY too old. :roll: :wink:

The hiring of Mike Kelly has been like an exploding bomb in the Bummer org. It cost Greg Marshall his job and now Taman and likely more to come.

Story goes Taman quit as he and Kelly couldnt see eye to eye on what players to keep and what FAs to sign.

Nobody's job is safe as Kelly wouldnt even commit to Glenn so for all anyone knows it could be Simpson that is kept and not Moreno (now without Taman's support) or neither of them.

Staus quo in WPG is dead. Kelly has alot of big ideas and that means changes.

You're correct about maybe neither Moreno nor Simpson being MLB in Winnipeg..............Lobendahn looked pretty darn good at that spot during the games that he was in, and I'll bet he's considerably cheaper than either Simpson or Moreno, so maybe the Bombers might be looking at moving both Moreno and Simpson.............not likely, perhaps, but certainly within the realm of possibility.

Taman couldnt bring himself to commit to either of them as both Simpson and Moreno have been in limbo since the end of the playoffs.

Are they under contract?

Both are under contract.
But if Moreno is/was such a lock as the MLB why hasnt Simpson been released or traded ? -nary a rumour of either and its been three months.
Whatever the reality is the Moreno trade still appears as an emergency replacement for Simpson and not as a permanent change.
Taman's firing makes it murkier.

Murky it truly is, but I suspect it'll mainly get clarified before the start of the season. I just can't see the Bombers starting the season with no less than three quality MLBs on the roster.....there'll be a move or two before opening day.

....actually....Simpson is a very close friend of Richard Harris who has remained with the Bombers... and you're right MadJack it'll be interesting, though, to see what the Bombers are going to do with three quality linebackers...They may try to change-up their defence and go with a new-look.....orrrrrrr make a trade for a db.... say someone like ...Chip Cox.... :lol:

Maybe we could trade Cedric for Simpson. :wink: Lookout O'Bill has a move in mind. :oops:

Changing up the D is an interesting possibility...........go to a 3/4 that way you can have both Moreno and Simpson on the field together in the middle, with Lobendahn as the backup.........your D line would then be Doug Brown as nose tackle, with Canada~Walls~Ellis at end.

Might work.......................

What about Casey for Simpson?

They need a QB

sorry but if trade Casey send He to the West
send him to Roughriders or Calgary Maybe
Don't send to east Team where he can hurt us more.

Don't worry about Casey, pretty sure he's finished unless Khari can get him to change his attitude AND his throwing style. :cowboy:

and Calgary would want/need him why?

Exactly. Just what "hurt" has Casey done to anyone since he was here.....including the few occasions he had some protection? He will probably end up somewhere else this year but I won't be losing any sleep over any damage he could do.