Maybe Als. would rather stay warm

....Just thinking about the Als. post season (don't know why; we've got our own concerns) But...would it be in the best interest of the Als. to really want this game on Fri......knowing full well, IF they put the Bombers behind the 8 ball with a win, it would definitely mean returning to the frigid confines of our backyard for the semi-final....hmmmmm i think they would like their chances better, playing T.O., in the warm Skydump ...just a thought....We should really beat the ALS.on our own merit anyways... UNFORTUNATELY ..It's really out of our hands where we finish if the Argos beat the second string Riders....sooooooo Go Riders.....did i just say that...ouch... :wink: :lol:

Meaningless game for Montreal. Winnipeg and Toronto are both tough, but Winnipeg might be a preferred foe in semi-finals because Toronto is in better form recently. Previously, Montreal has some success against Toronto and Winnipeg.

papa, rumour has it that jm02 is feverishly sewing a whole bunch of Green Rider jerseys. Better get them while they are available! :wink: :wink: :wink:

You guys should beat up an old, tired Montreal team with a porous O-line and back up QB. If you lose, I would be pushing the panic button! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

....don't know about that....Als. lost the season series to the Bombers....and i think they stand a better chance against a 'not so great Argo' team in the warmth....IF...Bishop had a game against the Als. like he did against a 'injury riddled' Bomber team...i think that one could go either way...anyways...its all conjecture...Bombers have to concentrate on winning their next 2 games...then take it from there.... :wink:

....panic button....i think we would have to open the ' bomb bays' and start dumping people through it...We got to be up for the Als....or we don't deserve to advance any furthur.. :wink: :lol:

If there is a darkhorse in these playoffs it is Montreal. Brady managed to make the BC defense look foolish. There is very little film on Brady. I’m looking forward to see this unfold. Playing them twice and coming in to Toronto with a worn out defense wouldn’t be a good thing…

I agree with papa. I gotta believe that the Als would rather play the Argos in Skydoom before venturing west.

Montreal also setups better against Toronto than we do.

Neither is a very appealing choice.

Playing Toronto in the semi just means having to go to cold Winnipeg a week later......

....well you would've cranked one more game out of the season MadJack....(sorry for that one)...but hey...if you get by the Argos , you never know what can happen in a cooooold atmosphere...the breaks due to conditions could determine a winner...(wouldn't it be a laugher if the weather turned balmy, though)...boy have we ever got ahead of ourselves on this one :lol: :lol:

Expect another low scoring cruncher between these two on Sunday. Let's hope for the best.

...right Pigseye....if the temp. drops suddenly and the wind blows....anything can happen...can't count the Als. out of this one...whatever happens...i just hope the survivor comes out of it healthy...and gives T.O a real bad time....heh heh.. :wink: :rockin: