"May you live in interesting times"Chinese Proverb

2004, 2005, 2006

Very interesting times !

We're running the gamut of emotions in the last 3 years.....and it keeps the blood flowing.... :cowboy:

I couldn't dream of being anything but a Tiger-Cats fan and when we do win the Grey Cup again, I'm going to somehow sneak a sip of champagne out of that old mug!..if anyone tries to stop me, I'll bloody their nose... :lol:

seriously, it's all good!.....We'll get rewarded soon for hangin'in with our team!


I don't know. I've lived through a lot of interesting times.... I think I'd settle for a few rather placid years instead right now! :slight_smile:
(And a playoff spot).

By the way.... I got caught by this one as well but it actually isn't a Chinese proverb. Here's the scoop


they should serve chinese food.

Lets hope Toronto will get an NFL team. That way the CFL can just fade away like the competitiveness of the league!

ok seriously, why are you here?