May the Ticat Store should carry somthing like this

I been thinking of Things the Ticats Store Could Carry
If you think of something add it to the list

Can you Image a Ticat logo on this chair .
For the Fan that Has Everything This would be cool

Chair is definitely cool…$900 price tag (And in USD, which I’m sure would be MUCH higher in CAD), not so much!

not far off topic, what kind of noisemaker's does the tigertown store sell that are legal at IWS and what are the price variation's?
Thank's in advance.

Nice. But too many people stay home as it is.

I'm not sure if the store has them but I know the stands in IWS sell the long horns for like 5 bucks. Problem is trying to blow on them. I cant get any sound out of them while my buddy can do two at a time. Guess it depends on how good you were in music class.

Well, I have a pretty loud mouth so I guess I can use that for now :wink:

If you want to spend around 1000 on a chair there is only one true choice.. the Herman Miller Aeron:

I have one myself. Love it.

Who would want to remove the logo?

theres a ton of stuff the store should carry. The ticats should have there logo on everything.

If I was going to spend that much on a chair it would be a Lazy Boy.

In that about a whole stadium with these chairs. hahaha

You watch a game in that chair....where do you put your beer bottle?

Like the Best seats in the house advertised at Jays and Leaf games.

It's a computer task chair meant for long sitting times. Never causes any stress or discomfort on any part of me even after 10+ hours. Every single part of the chair can be adjusted and replaced. Comes with a 12 year on site parts and labour warrantee.

I don't drink. :slight_smile:

Best seats for jays or leafs? I guess that would mean somewhere that you can't see the game.

Yeah, its those seats at the bar where you can watch other teams that are not getting their 's kicked, on tv.

I would be happy if they carried XL flex fit caps. I have a large head and my cap barely fits with the strap nearly maxed. :frowning: That or if they just sold stand alone patches, that would be good too.

I don't have a particularly huge head, but there have been quite a few times I tried on hats at the Ticat store that felt like they were crushing my head, even with the strap relaxed. I think part of it is the current trend for hats that have a very rigid structure of their own: they make "one size fits all" into a bit of a lie. The narrow and "pre-bent" brims on those hats cause them to be not particularly effective at shading your eyes either.

I find that the shirts are like that,If I buy an xl shirt it feels like a large.

I also bought a "one size fits all"
Fits alright, just VERY snuggly....
I don't plan to unload it though because it has AB3's autograph on it :smiley: