May Lose some Valuable Free Agents

Today's addition of the Hamilton Spectator reveals an article
by Drew Edwards indicating that we may lose players like
Justin Hickman and Justin Medlock to free agency.

Both of these particular players are willing to give the NFL
a try, and really, who can blame them? Football careers are
traditionally short (for players) and the money south of here
is big.

Personally, I'd hate to lose these players.

Thoughts ?

It happens every year to most teams in the CFL. Some players come back and some don't. Remember all the doom and gloom in here last year when it was announced that Garrett McIntrye was looking to the NFL for employment. Did we miss him? Sure, but life went on.

Hickman would be a huge loss. Best defensive end in the league, IMO.

Losing Medlock would hurt too, but people seem to think highly of Josh Maveety.

Your question sort of leads to an obvious answer. Any CFL player that gets serious NFL interest would be a superior player. Losing such a player obviously weakens your team. However, of the 2 guys you mention, I think Medlock would be harder to replace. His kicking alone will win some games.

An Argo-Cat fan

From the Thigpen thread:

This doesn't include the pre-CFLPA CBA players in their option year; I think Thigpen is the only one in that category, but I could be wrong.

There are definitely a couple on that list that I really hope we can sign before February. And a couple I hope they don't. But I'm not surprised at Thigpen, Hickman and Medlock looking to follow McIntyre south. Unfortunate, but that's reality in the CFL.

Agreed. The Ticats toiled for several seasons (since Ozzy) trying to get a guy into the fold who could kick and punt.
Finally, Medlock enters the picture and although his punting leaves a bit to be desired, he is no second rate kicker
and has the ability to win games for us.

We had Nick Setta for a few years, he did both well too.

Setta in 2009:

Field Goal % 7th
Punting avg 7th
Kick off avg 11th

Setta 2008:

Field Goal % 5th
Punting avg 1st
Kick off avg 4th

Setta 2007:

Field Goal % 1st
Punting avg 5th
Kick off avg 7th

Those stats are pretty crazy, I never realized how streaky he was year to year.

^^^ True, but it's only a comparison with the other kickers for those years. I should have also included the actual averages and percentages, to compare year after year.

Setta in 2009:

76% Field Goal % 7th
42.9 Punting avg 7th
56.8 Kick off avg 11th

Setta 2008:

77.8% Field Goal % 5th
47.4 Punting avg 1st
60.4 Kick off avg 4th

Setta 2007:

84.9 Field Goal % 1st
44.0 Punting avg 5th
59.7 Kick off avg 7th

Medlock 2011

89.1% Field Goal % 2nd
41.6 Punting avg 5th
60.2 Kick off avg 3rd

Remember that Setta's 2009 stats were affected by playing with a bad back the whole season.

That was my first thought when I noticed the differences. Bummer!

and aside from his injury plagued third and last season, Setta's first two years in the CFL culminated with all-star honors in both terms.

In certain circles, it is surmised that Nick enjoys the stability of his rehabilitation/athletic training business in favor of returning to the CFL. (or possibly not offered a position elsewhere?)

Either way, he was admirable at his position.

Speaking of great CFL kickers, did anyone else notice that the winning field goal by the Giants over the 49ers was kicked by Ex-Ottawa kicker Lawrence Tynes!!

I don't know if Setta's release by the team was based more on his injury, or on financial demands by the player. He was a dedicated player and good in the community too.