May fortune favour the Foolish!

good luck tonight guys.... SERIOUSLY.

Like Spock and Kirk always said

The Needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the 1..

and you're the 1

...And when it comes to this forum, we are the many and you are the 1. God, I can't even imagine how that must feel for you.

What's the Score?? 25-19 for Calgary?

...guess it was when Mom told you it was time for bed.....

And who ended up winning? :lol: Go back to the rider forum to fantasize about Rocky Butler.

you can thank a bs roughing the passer call for that one!, the EEs won because Ray decided to singlehandedly drive his offense down the field and take advantage of anything Calgary would offer him, be it open receivers, open backfields, dumb penalties, etc., Calgary had 87 yards in which to make him go 2 and out and they couldn't do it, or rather, Ray had 87 yards to go to win and he did it....was the penalty questionable?....sure it was, Ray was hardly breathed on let alone touched, but Calgary had ample opportunity to stop them earlier and couldn't do it....props to Ray for a brilliant drive......


It was a pathetic call.

pathetic! pathetic! pathetic!

Nice post, RedandWhite, you're a good guy. :thup:

....thanks but I'm only stating the obvious....Ricky Ray should've been carried off the field on the shoulders of his team-mates last night....that was a Elway-ish performance from #15 last night...