May 28th - my season tics are ready for pickup.... I'm the first to note this here, this virtually assures my team a Grey Cup 2011 victory....using logic equal to mine, I dare you to argue otherwise :twisted: :cowboy: :twisted: :cowboy: ....

I didnt even know you had a team??

That made me LOL!

Too late red, I have already been assured that the cup is in the mail.

This year all season tickets that are paid in full will be mailed out to you starting May 16th.

The Ti-cat season ticket pick up party is next weekend, therefore I've got you both beat.

WOOOOOOOOO!I'm going early to get my free food and my new Baggs jersey signed :rockin:

I don't have season tickets. I guess I'm in for a disappointing season... :frowning:

…fine, we’ll have to settle this the old-fashioned way…calgary vs. winnipeg or hamilton at the end of november…

go canucks :rockin:

Go Grizzlies! :rockin:

go blazers :rockin:

...go randomness :rockin: ...

never heard of the vancouver randomness??

Well, whatareya waitin' for?? Hammertime tickets aren't that much...

The Trail Blazers have already been eliminated. :smiley:

not those blazers, the calgary cowboys :cowboy: