May 24 Posts

Our apologies.

There was a hickup today in regards to forums.

Seems there was a copy of forums from last night and it was put on the live site, accidentally. It has overwritten todays posts and sign-ups.

Any forum posts from 4:30 am today are gone.

We apologize for this oversite.

"Oversite"?? Did you not know how to spell "Oversight" or was that a deliberate pun?

Oh well, at least you didn't say "receiving core" for "receiving corps", which grates on my nerves........

It depends as to what context you are talking about a teams receivers as to whether or not you use the word core or use the word corps.

core The basic or most important part; the essence: a small core of dedicated supporters

Corps A body of persons acting together or associated under common direction: the press corps.

Both can be used

this explains why replys i read thismorning are gone..i thought i was losing my mind.

It must be nice to have a mind to lose.............

As long as the season is good and there is a positiveness or else people will misspell and refer to the receiving "corps(e)" :wink: :wink:


You must be referring to the time that Ottawa drafted a dead there was a receiving corpse!

.....or a non-receiving corpse.....

PaoPao: "This man here is dead!!!"
Ottawa GM: "Cross him off then"

In fairness,, I mean "K-KBBAP" wasn't Paopao that made that mistake. It was in the days of the old Rough Riders, under the Gliebermen's first reign of terror.

And if memory serves me right, didn't "Kanga version 2.Uh Oh" lift those lines right out of the first Major League movie?

Now that you mention it, I think you're right. He probably thought we'd know that, and I'm a little ashamed that I didn't (I used to work in a video store, for Pete's sake!)

I was just offended by his attributing it to Paopao, since Joe is now on the Ticats' coaching staff.

Fair enough, BD, and I totally agree. Assuming someone of the current defunct franchise in Ottawa played some role in the antics of the first defunct franchise in Ottawa when they actually didn't is somewhat Kanga-ism alert! "narrow sighted" to an extent?

sorry about that [slaps himself in the head]