May 10th - JCC Climb for Cancer- Climb/Walk/Volunteer

Hello Everyone:
A new football season means a new year of CFL Fans Fight Cancer helping fight Cancer in Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe. As tradition holds we'll be kicking off our year of celebrating the Ticats and fighting cancer with taking part in our and helping with the Juravinski Climb for Cancer on May 10th at the Chedoke Stairs!

Time to get in shape for Tailgating and Ticat Watching! My team - CFL Fans Fight Cancer is participating in the 8th Annual Climb for Cancer and 5 km walk taking place at the Chedoke Stairs, Hamilton on Saturday, May 10, 2014.

This Climb for Cancer is more than just a fundraiser! It's an opportunity to get together with CFL friends and family to fight against the incidence of cancer, to move to celebrate the courage of patients and survivors, to move to remember those we've loved and lost. There is a chance we'll be joined by some Ticat and Argo players and cheer team members, and for the first time members of the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Cheerteam!
CFL Fans Fight Cancer invites you to either join our 5 km Walk team (starts time 10:30) or the 1 hour CFL Fan climb at 12:00 noon. It's only $25 to register and you get a shirt to celebrate your success. Join our team or create a Ticat fan climb or walk team of you own.
Please join us! Just click the link below:

[url=!TeamSolicitationID] ... citationID[/url])

From our Team Page, click on the 'Join My Team' button to register and help us fundraise. If you can't join us, please consider sponsoring our team by making a donation online.

Walking or Climbing not your thing? CFL Fans Fight Cancer needs volunteers to help with the 5 km walk. We'll need you from 9 am to noon on Saturday and you get breakfast or lunch for your help as well as cool Climb t-shirt! Contact me - Jarrett Harris via:

Here's the direct links for the CFL Fans Fight Cancer walk and climb teams participating in the Juravinski Climb for Cancer. Only $25 to register and you get a great dry fit t-shirt! Register climb team now at ... #&panel1-1, or the 5 km walk team ... panel1-2or donate!
Let's make this the best one yet!
See you Saturday May 10th!

Cancer Fightin' Bump....BTW- things are looking good for some players and cheerleaders to be participating!

Jare I know you great a great deal of satisfaction and good feelings from organizing this and probably don't need this, but:


Please join me in supporting this great cause. The Ron Lancaster chapter of CFL Fans Fight Cancer is being well represented and you too can add your support by following the link below. Help Bill McGrath exceed his goal!

Only 8 days to go! We need your support, every little bit helps!

[url=] ... #&panel1-1[/url]

Thanks Mike:
But CFL Fans Fight Cancer and the Juravinski Climb for Cancer is so much not a me thing at all.
It's a we thing! But getting together and donating a portion of your time or a little bit of your hard earned money we can make a difference in man friends, neighbours and loved ones lives in our community and beyond.
Thank you for the kind words Mike but everyone participated or donated your time and/or money, look in the mirror and yell with pride "Way to go ____________<please insert your name here"!
Thanks everyone! Let's make 2014 the best year ever on the field and for make a difference in out communities.
P.S.: It's not to late to sign up for the Climb or the Walk on Saturday May 10th! It's only a $25 registration fee, you get a nice workout shirt and know you helped yourself by exercising and others with your generosity
See you at the Climb!

This confirmed: 3 Ticats and a bunch of cheerleaders will be participating in the 12 noon portion of the Juravinski Climb for Cancer. Come Climb with them.
We are also awaiting confirmation about some Argo's and their dancers coming as well.
Also, lacrosse fans....there may also be members of the Toronto Rock dance team climbing as well.
Just another reason to come out to the Climb.
See you on May 10th!
Oh and BTW: get there early as you'll be shuttled from the Mac Innovation Centre up to the Chedoke stairs.

Ticat Players are a walking, Ticat Cheerleaders are a Climbin' and so are the Argo's!
The Saturday, May 10 Climb for Cancer at the Chedoke Golf Course Stairs will have Ticat players participating in the 10:30 am 5 km walk and the Ticat Cheerleaders will be climbing the stairs with the Argo Cheerleaders for one hours starting at 12 Noon.
It's not to late to register!
Only $25 at and get a climb workout shirt for your efforts!
Join the CFLFFC teams and have even more fun. Look for CFL Fans Fight Cancer and CFLFFC Walkers on the registration page!
Come and walk or climb with your Ticats or Argo's, have fun and help support the fight against cancer in Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe!
Come join us for some healthy fun!

While I would rather have had the older posted merged to the new one. I appreciated I'm able to inform the Tigertown community about our events on the forum.
Here's a cancer fighting bump.

Awesome, see you this weekend Jare, wife and me love those dogs and hospitality! :thup: Goes great with our nature walks there at Chedoke!


Please follow this link for details and maps and give yourself extra time to be stuttled up.

Here's the details:

Parking Details
Event parking has moved in order to better accommodate our growing number of participants. We are working hard to ensure that the 8th Annual Climb for Cancer is the best year yet and strive to make your day as accessible and enjoyable as possible.
Event Parking
Parking lot across from McMaster Innovation Park (175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton Ontario). West side of Longwood Drive South, beside the Careport Centre.
Buses will leave the parking lot every 20 minutes starting at 8:00 am with last bus leaving Chedoke stairs at 5:30 pm. Buggies will be accommodated and pets are welcome to ride.
Chedoke Golf Course Parking Lot
Now reserved parking for people with disabilities and event supply drop off only.
In keeping with our efforts to stay a green and environmentally friendly event, we urge all participants to car pool wherever possible.

We've had a couple of volunteers unable to make it Saturday to help be 5k walk as course monitors. You'd be and encouraging participants and reporting injuries. Help is needed from 9 to 12 noon. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Bring your lawn chair, and you'll be a bite to eat and free healthy beverages and Climb t-shirt for helping. Please contact me either on this thread of PM me ASAP.
Thanks for any time you can give.

Typo bump....that's get a bite to eat... a bite to eat! Though the walkers and climbers do get hungry! :stuck_out_tongue:

#91 DL Brian Bulcke, #66 OL Greg Wojt, #68 OL Mike Filer, and #91 DLBrandon Boudreaux, will be doing the 5 Km walk at 10:30 at the Chedoke stairs this Saturday May 10th. Along with two Toronto Rock Dance Team members.
Who's Climbing: The Ticat Cheerleaders will be representing at the climb and from Ticat Wayne Smith of the Argos and their cheerleaders will be doing the stair climb as well! !
Parking is not available at the stairs. Free shuttles are available from the Mac Innovation Centre, here's the link with the details.
Get there early to sign up for just get picks with the players.
Climb, Walk, Watch it's all fun see you a the Climb for Cancer!

Juravinski Climb for Cancer and 5 Km walk day at the Chedoke stairs is here!
5km walk starts at 10:30 - 4 Ticat linemen will be prowling the rail trail with the other walkers and two Toronto Rock Cheerleaders are joining in as well.
CFL Fans and Family Climb starts at noon the Ticat’s Cheerleaders and former Ticat and present Argo Wayne Smith and the Argo cheerleaders are scheduled to be climbing as well.
Come out and join in or cheer everyone who is climbing. We’re all doing it because cancer has touched someone in our lives!
NOTE: No parking at the course, you need to catch the shuttle from the Mac Innovation Centre. Here’s the link with all the details!
Help CFL Fans Fight Cancer and the Ticat fan community kick off this year with a great event!
See you there!

Climb day bump! Come on out and be part of a great event!

Nice to see you Jare today, the smoothie was super, well ok a hot dog would have been great as well but the smoothie was perfect! You guys are friggin awesome that do the stairs for the fight agains't cancer, friggin awesome!! :thup: And the the walkers as well of course! :thup: Lost my best friend to the disease, horrible disease. People in our lives just aren't easily replaced and really never come to think of it, that is for sure.

You guys friggin rock! Great to see you once again Jare! :thup: Now we just need to get Caretaker one day to this event. :wink:

Hope it was a big success. I happened by on my bike just as they were packing up trucks at the foot of the stairs. I was happy there was still a water station in place at the top after pushing my bike up the 289 stairs. lol

Great job everyone! It is a great cause and an important one. We've all lost too many friends and relatives to this disease. Interestingly enough regular exercise is one of the best preventative measures we can take, so combining fund raising with exercise is almost appealing enough to get me to show up.

Although I have to admit that I actually hate exercise. I subscribe to W.C. Fields' great line: "Whenever I feel like exercise I lie down until the feeling goes away."

Maybe I can come next year and hand out smoothies. I like smoothies.