Maximum Limit in Private Messages

Ok this is a new one to me
Bug, error, outside interference or system limitation?

Since when did we have a system limitation on "number of responses" to a thread / topic?

Is this something that was changed in error or?

no idea what you mean? you can't post in a topic? was that an error message?

can you describe what you were doing and when it happened? like when you went to submit a post to a topic? did it only happen once?

we do have a limit of three replies in a row for the same user in a topic.

i moved this topic to help desk.


Never seen before today but I have not been counting posts lol


I can help here too with the same experiences as many.

So when it is not a thread you start, which leads to an indirect problem as well, you are limited on the number of consecutive responses without others responding.

Good, bad, or indifferent I don't know here, but I can see why this restriction was put in place as well.

On the other hand, when for example it's a niche topic with only occasional updates of note or especially when the person who started the thread has disappeared, it's annoying that we cannot post a routine update.

Then you have one of many indirect issues borne of the limitation including somebody starting a new thread on the same topic and all the rest.

So that's the situation, and I don't have a firm solution in mind, but there is I figure a better way.


@Paolo_X this one in question was a fairly busy thread since discussion included multiple members

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ah yes we have that set to 500. much higher and it can make topics unruly and long for scrolling, especially on mobile. we prefer people to break out another new topic to continue the discusion. just link the last post of the locked one to the new topic first post.


to be technical it is because of the amount of CPU and memory used on the server by Discourse. the scaling issues introduced by megatopics can become detrimental to every user on the site.

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ok upon further investigation i've realized the setting only applies to private messages. for some reason i thought the setting applied to both. topics can go on for much longer. it's because to ease the load on the private message engine. anyways i see now that your error message was generated by the messaging system and this makes sense.