Maxim Party at Grey Cup - who is the entertainment?

At least last year we knew Blue Rodeo was playing weeks in advance. I just checked at Grey Cup site and still no info as to who the entertainment is. CFL, you are organizing this and I want to know, who is the entertainment for pete's sake? It's getting close BTW!!!

ppft Maxim

what kind of thing is this to bring to an event with Children around?

Maybe im wrong but I think it's separate and I doubt children can get into it.

Pretty sure it’s an adult only affair

All of my affairs are adults only.

And that is why you're a better man than I.

Wait... that did not come out right at all :frowning:

Totally read what Sheep wrote wrong.


Are you posting from somewhere just outside of Kingston???



k, I just checked out the Maxim party on the Grey Cup festival website. It's $300!!! That's more than my Gold ticket to the Grey Cup game. For $300 you better be getting AC DC, all you can drink and 10 free lap dances from the Maxim girls. Anything less is RIP OFF. [url=] ... 2008_40663[/url]

No entertainment act listed.

Too pricey for this guy as well but I'd have to take the wife if her fav David Usher was playing. I hope he isn't to be honest! :o

I knew a cheerleader last year who went this party. Said it was basically a bunch of rich old dudes, creeping on all the cheerleaders. So if thats your bag go right ahead.
I like sticking to the regular Blue Collar Grey Cup stuff. Riderville here I come.

Only 5 days till I am in Montreal. Grey Cup is my Favorite time of year.