Maxamizing Luck

It just came to my attention that this game we call football is all luck unless you are the Eskimo's(as helpfully pointed out by EE). So I figure all us lucky teams should be really maximizing our luck. Lets use the rider's for example.

Danny should give the player's 10 dollars each and send them to casino Regina. the person that comes home with the most winnings becomes the quarterback, the least money gets benched. So if Nate Davis comes back with the most with $50, he becomes the new QB. If Holmes comes home with the nothing, sorry Corey your just not lucky enough. Crandel middle of the pack could become a Lineman.

I figure if we put this great plan into action we can blow away those other teams that havn't taken these measures to maximize there luck. Now that I think about it next year the riders should scrap the entire team and start looking into casino's, and Lottery winners for a new team. Remember its all about luck, next year could be a Grey Cup!

Now that I think about it why stop there why not have a whole new playbook, forget rushing and short passes, why not go with all fly patterns and Hail Mary's!

In conclusion us lucky teams must try to maximize our luck to beat those skilled skilled team singular, the Eskimo's.

This is a work of satire, noone try to do this :lol:

Maybe Dave Negrano can be our starting QB and Chris Moneymaker can be our starting MLB.

That's not such a bad idea. It won't last forever so may as well cash in while you can!

Riders suck!