Max Hall starting vs Tiger Cats

And the saga continues.....

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A CFL source told Sportsnet that Goltz was told by Winnipeg coaches that the mission is to “win now,? and there “isn’t time to develop him.?
I see only one response to this:

The QB graveyard that is Winnipeg continues. Hall has never played a down in the CFL, it’s going to take time that they’re clearly not willing to give.

That's how you burn QB prospects in the CFL. Makes it more difficult for all teams to convince them to come up here.

Then again, he might turn out to be a confident and winning QB. You'll never know if he keeps sitting on the bench.

You'll also never know if you play him for two games with no QB coach and decide he's a failure after he plays like a guy making his first two starts.

I mean, Anthony Calvillo was not good in his first year of starts in the CFL. He seems to have turned out okay given a chance to develop. BC keeps finding QB talent because they develop it, and Mitchell in Calgary is being developed too (which is why he's not starting every game right now).

This strategy of throwing young guys to the wolves and hoping they survive has a slim chance of finding a miracle QB who can thrive that way, and a high chance of simply burning through guys who might have amounted to something given a quality development program.

Have people concluded that Goltz is a failure after two games because he's proven incapable of what NOBODY in the last several years has been capable of at QB in Winnipeg? At what point is it time to consider that maybe the problem isn't that 10 QBs all suck, but maybe the program doesn't give them a chance to succeed?

Guess we'll find out today in practice when the media sees who's getting the first team reps. Sportsnet isn't exactly the best organization for breaking CFL news. If true could be a couple of factors in play - Goltz came up limping at the end of the first game vs the stamps, he was limping at times vs the Lions, maybe the foot/leg injury is worse than they thought and are sitting him. Other thought is the obvious, Crowton is now on the block and he's got a history with Hall in the NCAA, helped recruit him up here, and will take his chances on his future with his guy. We'll see. Maybe his NFL experience will give him some poise that will make up for his inexperience in the CFL game. It shall be an interesting week. Not sure if Clement is thinking to himself he should've taken the PR spot offered him because he could've been the starter by labour day the way things are shaping up or he's glad he got out of this circus.

If he's injured, then yeah that's one thing. It's the quote in the article about needing to win now and not developing guys that's pretty worrysome.

Hall isn't really a prospect though, he's 28 years old and a more mature option than Goltz, probably should have been #2 behind Buck to begin with.

That's really the issue. Tell him (and the whole world) one week he's the starter for the rest of the year, and give up on him one game later? :roll: Hamilton keeps bringing in proven quarterbacks like Maas, Printers, Glenn and Burris, but they still lose; we keep cycling through young guys without letting anyone develop properly and replacing them with more no-names. Buck and Bishop are the exceptions; no comment necessary.

Like DAN mentioned in the other thread, I too remember the Ballard years with the Leafs (I doubt anything can top the day Roger Neilson was fired and then rehired right at game time, and Ballard suggested he arrive behind the bench in a ski mask just for the suspense!) I don't want to go back there; I've never seriously followed hockey since, although I blame that just as much on Fred Shero's goons. I hope the Bombers' board sorts things out but this isn't a great start.

whoops, i see that Arash Madani reported Hall is likely to start as well, more in tune source the sportsnet, so its probably going to happen.

Pigseye, he's more mature and comes from a bigger school that Goltz. Usually that means better coaching but in this case his NCAA coaching was Crowton. Then you look and his NFL record and say well he did OK there in limited opportunity, but his coaching there was Mike Miller who's not had himself a good first couple months in the CFL. So how will that translate into success for Hall....? Then again, he gets to practice all week against the D who's third worst in the league for points allowed, and will start against the D that's given up the most points in the CFL to date. Could be worse.

Well it looks like a mess from an optics perspective. On the other hand if I was Miller I would "encourage" the coaching staff to make sure that the existing talent is looked at. Better now to see if Hall is remotely capable. They made a real blunder in naming Goltz the starter for the full year. That's a p.r. nightmare now. And leads to the team not believing the word of the staff. Sure leaves Burke twisting.

Better to man up now and say: "with our recent changes the organization wants to view and evaluate our existing talent. Because of that we are in a fluid state and Max Hall will be now given an opportunity to show us his game".

This is silly, BP is still the best hope for the team, even if he is injury prone. I bet Hall is yanked by the half. Goltz has shown that he has potential, but right now the game is too fast for him, but how Hall is going to be better confounds me.

Hall according to tweets from Penton and Jim Toth over the last 12 hrs, Hall has issues accounting for the 12th man and throws a fair number of picks. H'e's got a couple more days to work on it I guess. Couple of early picks and indeed we could see Buck back at the helm.

Boy if there ever was a time to hold closed practices it is now.

What a cluster@#$% this organization is in Winnipeg. Being reported here in Vanciouver that Goltz has been demoted to 3rd string and Pierce will likely be starting the return game against Hamilton if Hall doesn't impress. Lousy front line and inexperienced QB's ALWAYS combine to make great things happen on offense; looks like my pre-season prediction of 4-14 was pretty much bang on while others are still looking to blame assistant coaches for this mess!

That's what happens when the GM and the OC interfere with the HC job.

Burke is obviously on his way out, too. Miller (or maybe even Buellefuelle?) is now teling the head coach who is starting at QB. Burke has zero say in key decisions....he'll be gone after the Ticats sweep the Bombers in the next two games or, if Winnipeg dodges that bulet, certainly at season's end.

....Let's just face it....this team is being assessed top to bottom....I think we want to see what we really have...Hall will be given that chance....I know what Goltz can do..not overly impressed BUT he wasn't 100 percent as I noted in another thread and thought Hall would get the call then....Now with the change in management, I think we can expect anything and more changes...Swiston in for Morley is another change....Watson and Washington back practising...This situation in Bomberland is in a sate of flux.... With all of this ,I just hope they can settle down and play a good game Friday... :roll:

The team is being assessed from top to bottom or torn apart from top to bottom? That's the question. Was Mack dictating roster decisions? Is Miller dictating roster decisions? Is Burke calling the shots or is he letting other coaches or management call the shots? Now he's saying starting Hall is what the offensive coaches are telling him to do. Marcel's been here for too short a time to give any form of input...yet. How many cooks are involved with the coaching decisions now? There's no clarity. I just hope our boys don't come out looking like the Als in their first game under Popp.

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Burke washed his hands of the decision, saying he left it up to the offensive coaches, led by co-ordinator Gary Crowton.

“I’m going to leave it up to them,? Burke said. “I stated my opinion, but I’m not going to handcuff them. That’s not my job.

“My expertise is on defence.?
Miller was only involved in getting Marcel Bellefeuille as a consultant. This was Crowton doing on the QB front.