Max Hall new qb.???

,,,The sun is reporting that the qb. that Crowton was referring to, when he said they have been talking to a qb. down south, is Max Hall...He was a starter for a few games with the St.Louis Cardinals...Could we see him signed shortly???? Be an interesting addition to tc if true??

...That should read Arizona Cardinals.....not the baseball team... :lol:

Too bad, the St Louis Cardinals have better arms than the Arizona Cardinals :wink:

Decent collegiate career but he's been out of football for 2 years, student-assistant coach for BYU last year. If this is a diamond in the rough he'll require a LOT of polishing me thinks. There was a tweet back in jul of last year though that said he's signing with the Edmonton Blue Bombers so..... not sure how accurate that is.

As a side note, while looking up Hall I see that while Hall recently interviewed to remain on the staff with the BYU football team, they decided to let Ben Cahoon go.

Max Hall would be a very interesting addition to our team. He could be a stop gap at QB untill Goltz comes along. I bet with Pierce mentoring him, he could be pretty good up here.

Hopefully this is true. I'd feel a lot better about the team shopping Elliott if it was.

I would be surprised if any team would be interested in trading for Elliott.

IMO Mike at OB/EP has a lot more creditability than the Sun and he said it wasn't Max Hall. He indicated that the Bombers are talking to 2 QBs that Crowton coached at LSU (one Jerrett Lee and the other he said he couldn't name (he says they won't let him post rumours at EP).

…There’s a lot of people and media sources that have a lot more credibility than the sun…Guess they were just filling in space with that Hall report… :wink:

Could you post a link to that SUN article Papa? Im still hoping for him. It would be very unrealistic for guys like Jarrett Lee and BJ Coleman(who I'm suspecting we are looking at) to come up here and start year one. A guy like Max Hall could be very good up here for a few years untill Goltz is ready to be a legit number one.

....Go to sun article of 26 th. Feb./2013/Kirk Penton/ where he mentions Max Hall at the bottom........Title of article is 'Free agents already snagged'

Discovered! Penton's source :lol:

Big Ben Big Ben ?@MrMoa13

BREAKING: Max Hall to sign with Edmonton Blue bombers

Notice how that tweet was from last July and identified the Edmonton Blue Bombers. I kid of course, but I wouldn't be surprised somehow with Penton these days.

Edmonton Blue lol that would be akin to the Montreal Argonauts....what a joke :lol:

...Penton is at it again...March 6 article ..'Logan safety for now' the bottom he says Max Hall and Jarrett Lee are on the Bombers radar... Kirk blowing smoke again or will we see one of these guys or both at tc?????? :wink:

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Between Jarrett Lee and Max...I was leaning toward Jarrett in any event..Good luck to Hall in his new coaching gig...IF they hire him. :smiley:

…Looks like Hall was worked-out in the Peg and is giving us a pretty good look AND the Bombers are doing likewise with him…I don’t know how well he will fare in the 3 down game but I like the fact he will bring competition…Still speculative of course…Guess we’ll hear one way or the other shortly, IF he has signed :roll:

I think both Mack and Burke have said that they intend to have the QB situation sorted out by the end of the first week of April, second week at the latest. That's not far away but, otoh, it's only an intention.

not exactly a QB but bombers to work out a new LB next week

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Can't wait for the tryout next week!!! #WinnipegBlueBombers #cfl

Believe this is the same player

I think they need to bring in at least 2-3 IMP LBs to camp after losing bowman to challenge Parker, maybe even find one athletic enough to potentially compete with Sears and Washington at the SAM. Even though he's NFL draft eligible the guy sounds like he's excited to show what he's got to the bombers brass. Like that attitude.