Maver to the Atlanta Falcons?

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2 more draft picks might be signing down south, also mentions Russel on our neg list, which is a complete joke and shows Obie doesnt do much research before adding a player.

Yeah because you know Obie built the Lions into the beasts of the west and Hamilton from zero to hero by picking names out of a hat.1 in a million chance he'll come here, let alone last with the team, you can put the eggs down now..

I know, i just hate Russell's attitude. He got drafted then stopped working, now that he has 40 million in the bank he'll be more than happy to retire and does not even come close to having the work ethic you need to be a pro. If he was here he'd be a major cancer and would not be accepted in the locker room.

A qb has to be a leader and set an example for the rest of the team. For a list of his issues go view the Russel thread lol.

As for Maver, does he have any chance at signing with the Falcons?

And the Regina receiver signing in Indy could mean Gigueres days are almost over.

Totally agree! A bigger version of CP#1, sitting on a much bigger wallet!

Stampeders draft pick Rob Maver, selected by Calgary fifth overall in Sunday's Canadian College draft, will try out with the Atlanta Falcons.

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Maybe it good thing we did not get Maver

Bad news for the Cats if they expected to land Dales as their punter for this season.

There is NO way Maver makes the Falcons...He WILL be at the Stamps' training camp and IF he makes the roster, it will be as the PK only...Dales is not going anywhere...For now.

Even if Maver does not make the Falcons, their season starts September 12, ours July 2. Maybe GM Dimitroff (From U of Guelph too) might just keep Maver never know!

Don't fool yourself...At BEST, Atlanta wants him for a camp leg (The no signing bonus is a dead giveaway!) and Maver is going for the experience and nothing else.

yup maver even said himself he's commited to the stamps and only going for the learning experience. gotta beleive the kid.

Obie probably thinks the Boatmen will trade a draft pick for Russells rights. The Boatmen love head cases like this guy. :thup:

Very good point! Never thought of that. Toronto is the main CFL destination by far for big name NFL rejects.