Maus-adoo Dink and Dunk

If we beat Calgary next week we are still in the driver's seat for second place.

Good news is both Duke Williams and Shaq Evans should be working their way into the lineup soon. We will see what kind of impact they have.

I really want Riders in that one.
If BC & Calgary split, I hope Bombers give the Riders an early Christmas gift

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It won;t matter if the quarterback has a defensive man in his face all game, All the teams are getting their act together now that the season is coming to the end, you can bet they be rushing the q.b. Unless we’re ready to give the rest of the season to the online to get better, and live for next year or get some recruitments fast, It’s the western teams we have trouble handling, it’s the defences rushing the quarterback, Games are won in the trenches. I keep hearing that, it looks to be the case .

The riders Need to come up with a few plays for the end of the game, when they get in a tight spot. It seems like they are always hanging on at the end of the games, can’t even get a 1st down to run the clock out. They could put in some plays they never use, just for that situation ?

3 weeks ago they had 22 yards on a draw! Then they threw a pick on a deep ball which was a bad read / forced throw. They playcalling was there.

2 weeks ago it was the defense in the last 2 minutes that couldn't hold.

Last nite the defense got the turnover on downs on Calgary's side of midfield. There's no way that you throw the ball or get fancy in the last minute with a 3 point lead. 2-and-out is ok so long as you run some clock off before you kick. Instead they took a timecount and lost a down. That was not on Maas nor his playbook.

That time count was probably a result of having two recievers trying to learn the offence inserted at the same time.

Should've called a timeout but Cody was too busy trying to get his offense lined up.

We have 17 players currently on the 6 game. Alot of our woes are due to inconsistency in starters from game to game (just a reality not an excuse)

Yeah and as some of these players come back, we should only get stronger, good to see the reserves can step and keep the level of play up , that is a good sign.

Great point pdog! I did like the reliable hands of both Shaq and Duke

"OC is new but that doesn't seem to be a problem as Maas and Cody seem to be meshing well."

Maas et Fajardo viennent passablement de la même école. Maas a perfectionné son approche aux côtés de Milanovitch et Fajardo a débuté dans la LCF sous la tutelle de Trestman.

Les deux peuvent donc aisément se comprendre, puisqu'ils viennent sensiblement du même système.

Fajardo played well under macadoo offence last year, I’m not so sure how much has to do with the offence coach. Or the o line protection this year. Earlier in the year he was getting rid of the ball quicker. But teams are onto that. I remember cavillou using the short passing game forever. Quick release . He had it mastered . our o-line has had all season to gain experience , should they not be coming together by now, or maybe , if they are playing very hard, maybe their just not good enough . Or am I off on this ?

Sorry Pdog but I disagree, the O-line have played less than average at best, they have had some bright moments, but not many, yes they are new together, but by now, I expect them to be playing far better than they are. They barely make adequate holes for Powell. They need to get it together or our play-off run will be short and sweet!! I think this has made Cody aware he may or may not have enough time to make great plays, thus the bad throws... It has caused him to rush passes at times, he just looks shell shocked at times!! JMO

Yepper, Cody is still rushed. His confidence has taken a hit but I have to admit he is fighting hard to get it all back…

My comments on the o-line were from a month ago. Given that extra month, I was expecting more improvement in them by now, especially in the run game. I wouldn't say that Cody appears shell shocked at all, but he is running more than he should need to, so there's not much disagreement between us.



Well, here’s another scenerio, I think the play calling is more suited for a drop back q.b. Cody, to me is more of a scrambler, or roll out, they don’t seem to build the game around his strengths. Instead opting to try , once again to make him a drop back q.b., For once can they ever try and build on a guys strengths, instead of trying to make him something he’s not.? Why can’t they bootleg him. Use the option play more. To help elevate the pressure. It seems like they have a one track mind when setting up the offence. Run pass option is a good way to take pressure off the o-line. Why not use it more. ? Or am I out to lunch? I.e. Kerry Joseph.

Some good points but wasn’t he successfull slinging it in 2019 when he had more protection? He’ so good at both…

I agree , the protection thing, that’s why I suggested more bootlegs and roll outs, to help with the protection. But , I guess they know a lot more than me. Flare passes , screens. Etc…

Flares and screens (ans sweeps) are an excellent way to keep a blitzing defense honest.

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