Maus-adoo Dink and Dunk

I believe in coach Maus. The O-line doesn't give Cody much time and the receivers are just not getting open consistently. Do you agree?
Every play called by the OC has options for the QB. Why Cody threw into double coverage is beyond me. Maybe he didn't see the safety coming across. This was only one option of 5 receivers lined up for that play. It wasn't Maus saying that Cody must go deep to Ricardo no matter what...


Don't agree.

Maas has done a nice job of analyzing and exposing defenses for their weaknesses. The receivers are big and strong and quick and for the most part have had good hands. Considering that the o-line is a completely new group (1 returning starter Clark) the protection has been adequate to pretty good.

Maas can call the play but Cody still has to make the read and decide where the ball goes. That pick was on Cody. Cody knows it. With the pressure of the game on the line he made an error. He probably knew it the moment that it left his hand. He tried to do too much and that's probably why he's angry about it. He feels that he let the team down.

It wasn't Cody's best game but he was also a big part of why they hung in there. He made a fabulous throw on the bomb to Schaeff to set up the Powell TD. He threw a couple of perfect strikes after the onside kick just before the pick. He scrambled out of 2 or 3 sacks.

He'll learn. He will be an even better QB going forward. I believe in Cody.


Great points pdog

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pdog, not sure what you disagree with me on. I basically said that Maus is doing a good job and that Cody made a bad call on the pass to Ricardo. Isn't that kinda what you are saying?

It was this.

Sorry, I could have been more clear.

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The Riders are missing Shaq and have been for a few weeks now. Who is their legitimate deep threat? Schaefer-Baker? Lenius had some key drops yesterday which hurt them. Swerve makes a few key grabs but isn't going to make those 50/50 balls.

They need to establish the run more. Start incorporating some play action as that's naturally going to get Cody's timing back for the long passes

Cody still has a higher winning % than Lancaster, Durant and other Rider greats. He'll be fine. Just have to get out of the slump

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Great points! My concern was Cody is consistently overthrowing receivers when they DO get open such as Swerve and Francis.


Fix the online, all you have to do is look at Winnipeg, protection of zack is why he is playing so good. It’s not that difficult to figure that out.

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The o-line isn't that broken. It's doing fine. The only thing that they need is to keep playing together. If all stay reasonably healthy by playoff time they'll be in great shape. They're pretty good right now. It's going well.

Well I think they are having some issues at the tackle spots, quarterbacks always rushing his throws. Can;t get in sinc, then receivers seem to have trouble getting open also. I don’t know , that’s what I see, but I’m no football guy. Just a fan. Maybe they need more time with a new offensive co ordinator, I hope this doesn’t end up like darian durant, having to get a new offensive coach every season. It’s hard to get any consistency that way. Fajardo did way better last year , I’m not sure what else really changed. Fill me in,

All of the offensive personnel has changed. Clark is the only returning starter on the O-line, Kyran Moore is the only returning starter in the receiving corps that hasn't missed most of the season with injury (Shaq Evans, Jordan W-L), Powell has returned that's good. OC is new but that doesn't seem to be a problem as Maas and Cody seem to be meshing well.

2/3rds of the starting offensive personnel are new and a new scheme and Cody looks the same to me as 2019 with the exception of the deep throw. That has been very spotty.

Absolutely yes it needs to improve if they want to win the Grey Cup but on the bright side there are probably 4 teams (half of their opponents) that wish that they were executing on offense as well as the Roughriders are.

Another thing that's missing from 2019 and shouldn't be overlooked is special teams play. In 2018 and 2019 we know our STs was going to make one or two plays per game to set up scoring drives (or score themselves). That hasn't been there this season.

Perhaps with the return of Shaq Evans and signing of Duke Williams, Kyran Moore won't need to play as many snaps on offense and can start taking on some of the return duties? Morrow is okay but not great and we are missing that Moore/Thigpen tandem.

If you get good starting field position, that dink and dunk ball control offense is fine as not many plays are needed in a drive to score

Good point about the special teams but I think that Sask's ST have been quite good actually. Sure they don't have the lightning return numbers but few do this year and in that regard Sask's return average has been one of the better ones. Winnipeg has always been strong on ST and their numbers are worse this year (although their coverages have been excellent) and BC's returns have been appalling and they have Chris Rainey. As much as Morrow is doing a good job I think it's the blocking that counts more than the guy with the ball.

Also consider that the two weakest teams in terms of kick coverage have been Edmonton and Montreal and the Riders haven't played them yet, so the numbers should (hopefully) go up.

All in all I'm happy with the ST. Good punter, good reliable kicker, consistent decent returns, good coverage (except for a couple where Ryan outpunted the coverage) and hey how about that Lauther with 3 onside kickoffs in a row! Player of the game. :+1:

Ya Ryan has been good but those 15 yards no yard penalties are killers.

Coverage wise we've been good. Just don't have those explosive returns we are accustomed to seeing. Part of that is injuries which have not allowed guys like Moore or Purifoy to return many kicks this year

Great point greenandwhite!

That offense looked off again tonight. The defense intercepts around the Calgary 30. What do they do? Try another -2 yard swing pass. Go for the knockout! Then a deep ball to a running back?

Hopefully this team picks it with Shaq and Duke Williams working into the lineup soon.

I'm not so confident we get a home playoff game at this point.

I think the online is far more of a problem than some here might not think it is. .

The offence sure did look odd again. O-line is sad. Now if BC wins against Calgary next week, we’re fighting for a playoff spot. Even a crossover is not guaranteed as Montreal plays Ottawa twice…

The game in Calgary is now a must win.

We should make the playoffs as Calgary plays BC and Winnipeg down the stretch a few times

BC home and away with Calgary
BC @ Winnipeg week 12
Winnipeg @ Calgary week 16,

last game of the season, if Bombers have first place locked down, they will likely play some backups.
I would suggest Riders have decent schedule to finish the season.