Maurice "Mo" Leggett Cut

Had to happen. The guy couldn’t stay healthy. He’ll be 33/34 next year and even when he appeared re-habbed his once near-sprinter’s speed appeared a few steps slower.

That and getting run up for injury upon injury resulted in the Bombers parting way with their former all-star.

My guess is he’ll try to secure a final contract with a needy CFL team (or even the new guaranteed to fail league down south) before calling it a day. Kavis Reed is probably on the blower right now!

Bombers shouldn’t be so quick to blow this guy outta town. As a player, yes. But he could be a solid addition as a defensive assistant.

Same might be said of veteran LB Ian Wild.

I’ve been touting Wild as potential replacement for Richie Hall for a couple years - he’s got a solid football intellect but his size (small to medium) and propensity to injure has doomed him. He was a substantial downgrade from Juvan Santos-Knox in last weekend’s western final.

Mo Leggett of the 2016-2017 vintage was the best defensive back in a Bomber uniform over the past decade (including former defensive POY Jevon Johnson). Maybe all the way back to the best days of Juran Bolden.

I thought he should’ve been the defensive player of the year in 2016, not that the guy that did win was a slouch, but during the course of that season, I believe Mo made the greater, more spectacular on-field impact.
Had he not suffered that freak, non-contact injury recoving an onside kick at the end of 2017, the player he was prior to that injury very well might’ve been the difference in the 2018 teams’ final resting place. That injury seemed to end the Bomber D’s 2-year run as a take-away machine. The picks stopped coming in bunches after that.

Yeah, I hope the team offers him a job too. Top-notch character guy.

Mo Character should be offered a job in the bombers organization. Classy guy who understands the nature of the game - but can’t play at a high level anymore. If he clears Kavis Reed waivers and realizes his speed and breakability don’t permit hi-level play then he’d be quite an addition to the bombers staff in variety of ways (defensive coaching, tackling, turnover techniques, etc.). Might even be useful in southern scouting?

Good post !

……Bang on Lyle about keeping Moe around…He luv’s Wpg. and lives here full time…He’s done some great things in the city…I don’t know how the situation for assistants and extra management types is going to be next year, as there is a limit now on how many of these types you can keep on the payroll…But if anyone can possibly be retained for a future look in our coaching ranks it’s Leggett

If Richie “Prevent Success” Hall is sent packing their might be room to bring a couple extra assistants on board - Moe & Ian Wild, two great football minds, both of who have reached their best-before date.

That said, I suspect Moe will explore any available offers in the CFL & STFL (aka Soon to Fold League)

If he can find a raving goofy like Kavis Reed to offer him $125k to sit on the bench or see spot duty (his lack of speed and hobbling would be exposed greatly if he plays full-time reps) then he’s just playing for one final paycheque and small signing bonus (perhaps under $20k, maybe 10 to 15k)

The underlying motive for Kavis to bring in Moe might be to bring him under the Als fold — then working to convince him to stay as an Als coach.

Most CFL assistants in the $55 to $80k range, a few experienced guys in the $75k to $95k range and the elites (Lapolice, Claybrooks, Thorpe, McAddo, Reinbold, etc.) grabbing $150 to $240k

Sad to see Mo go. Career cut short for sure.

Not sure if he has enough games in for the ring but he was definitely an impact guy throughout his time. Nice that it was all in Blue and Gold. Career individual highlight package would be amazing. The game saving spin and pin on Rainey at the goal line is one great play I will remember. Weekly ritual of the 2016 year for him back then.

My take on the news of his release is that mama bear is calling the shots and with the housing allowance winding down she is looking to go home and get on with the next phase. Mo will be okay. Thanks to him for the passion he shared.

Reality is also that it was a big mistake to resign him last Feb unless they were being delusional about the basketball dunking recovery that they were selling to the people. Never happened of course. Hope can be a tragic companion. SMS cost on Mo would have had to been similar to the Durant deal. Just another lesson learned for Walters with no consequence for poor decision making. Standard fare since day 1.

I never cease to be amazed at how fragile many theoretically honed and super-fit athletes turn out to be. They’re always wrecking themselves in surprising ways, another example being Matt Nichols at the start of this past season.