Maurice Mann

Nice to see Maurice Mann be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Nice YAK yards and he definately played somewhat inspired. Good on him ...... great for us.

Mann looked much better last night, had one tough drop but everytime he caught the ball he was ready to hit paydirt. I didn't know he had that kind of speed.

Keep playing like that and maybe we'll forget about the comments on twitter. :thup:

Edmonton Used as Deep Threat last year he very fast

I always admire anyone that can back up their comments! An involved and successful Mann can only benefit our team!

Did anyone ever think that maybe he was right with his tweets.
Our coaches are famous for not using our players to the best of their abilities or their strengths. It was my understanding that we got Mann to open up space for Bruce. Ok, you have to go to him often to get the defences from double teaming Bruce. If we can get them double covering Mann, Bruce is going to be open....
But how many times in yesterday's game did we go to Bruce and Stala (our two go-to guys) compared to McDaniels. I think our coaches believe that McDaniels is our go-to guy. McDaniels is good, but he should be way down the list of receivers....

Many thought Bruce was right last year when he commented on our starting QB situation, but theres a way to go about things. Of course people thought Mann was right, I being one of them that suggested we have not looked for him enough, or used him properly.

He didnt handle the situation properly, thats way more important than the message itself.

Crash you may be right but the frustration exhibited on this board toward our anemic play calling must be multiplied by 1,000 for the players on our team who have to live with the substandard decisions every day. OCs can make and break players' careers. If you never get the ball, your numbers are not going to look good and your marketability is going to go down fast. Like I say our frustration is nothing compared to theirs.

Agreed but you have to earn the trust of your QB, something first year players rarely do when a guy like Glenn has good rapport with McDaniel, Stala and Bruce, Mann is the new guy on this team and has to earn the trust... up to this point i would say he has only been average with his limited chances, he needs to be better as we saw last night.

Agree with you there. Let's hope this is the beginning of a love affair between Glen and Mann. :lol:

Cats scratch Lions in thrilling fourth quarter

Drew Edwards Sun Sep 19 2010


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one tale of redemption on the night

Receiver Maurice Mann,

who Tweeted last week about

his displeasure about his limited role
in the offence thus far this season,

caught five balls for 131 yards and
an electrifying 51 yard catch and run

that was mostly run.

good point.

When Moe is playing super football like that takes a lot of pressure off Ourlad. :thup: