Maurice Mann

Paying dividends already.2 TD's tonight, and a couple other nice receptions.He's definitely for real in Hamilton and another name in Obie's book of good aquisition's :thup:

What??? only 2 TDs???

Cut his ass!!

haha I know, these people on here crack me up also :lol:
What a bunch

Mo Money had a great game!!

I look forward to his contributions more often this season!!

Sticky had a GREAT game as well!!

Most definitely!
He wanted the win BAD :cowboy:

Maybe we should cut them as well.. we need to blame this WIN on somebody!!!

Half the distance... You seem very negative here. Why are you turning a positive thread into a negative one. No one is saying anything about cutting anyone but you....

Oh I'm sorry.. did my sarcasm go OVER your head?????

did I need to add [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] for your sake??

[sarcasm]Maybe we should cut them as well.. we need to blame this WIN on somebody!!![/sarcasm]

EDITED just for you tcnonfan

Oh, I got the sarcasm. Just didn't think there was any need for it.

:P :P :P :P :P

yeah, he contributed straight out the gate, it was very impressive.

Did the cats show their potential tonight or was this just a fluke. Good to see them delivering.

In my humblest opinion, The cats are just starting to show their true colours. Wait for the next game against Frog town on thursday. Then we'll see what the Cats are made of.