Maurice Lloyd, James Johnson, Wes Cates, Chris Szarka . . .

Maurice Lloyd, James Johnson, Wes Cates, Chris Szarka, Matt Dominguez, Yo Murphy and even Reggie Hunt, injured! Am I missing anybody? I think I am.

We are still kicking strong though.

Arabin Justin, Ron Robinson.
That's only 9 starters out.
No biggie!!

Jurineack was a starter. 3 years I think. Only played 1 game this year. Knee out for year. Dave McCoy was starting to. 1st round draft pick. Starting before his knee injury. That is 11 right?

Forgot Jurineack. That may be a career for him.
McKoy wasn't a starter.
So ten.
Anyone else?

That Mitchell fella had won the starting end job over Chick when he got injured :frowning:

Gotta feel badly for Terrell Jurineack man....

If this week was a playoff game I bet a number of those players would all of a sudden be good to go. Barring any new injuries we should be in fairly good shape come playoffs.

I don't think there's anything wrong with Justin....other than he's apparently not among our top 42.

He was injured, he is on the injured list and I can't see either Kornegay or the new guy starting ahead of him.
Justin played very well before getting injured.
If he is the doghouse, I don't know why.

DiskD is corrct about several guys though.
Mo Lloyd and Reggie Hunt for sure would play if this were a play-off game.
I think they had to hide Reggie's pads to keep him off the practice field...reminds me of Eddie Lowe....

There was a local story in the paper a couple weeks ago - Kornegay and Justin live together and they talked about the dynamic when Tad was a healthy scratch early and Airabin is now....They also had a quote from Austin that they were looking for more speed in the secondary.

Of course he's listed as "hurt". He's probably injured as badly as Drew Tate's been all year....

Well Kornegay has been awful, and now we are starting a raw rookie, Jovon Johnson, so if Justin isn't hurt....

as long as we have KJ, FLICK and FANTUZ we will be fine.

Dont forget the 5 men that keep KJ on his feet and off his ass...

1 for 3 ain't bad.

a healthy o-line would be nice too.

I am impressed! Despite the previously mentioned injuries and sitting out KJ we found a way to win the football game in Edmonton against a desparate Eskimo team that still had a legitimate chance for the crossover playoff spot. Shaky as we were at times on defense and offense we still pulled it off. Good Stuff.