Matty D

Matty D has re-signed with us. Thoughts?

The Riders did right by Matt, he's a terrific roll model on and off the field and by the Riders signing him to a three year contract even after his latest injury speaks volumes about how the team can reward it's quality individuals and it's quality players

I'm glad they have him back, he's a great role model both on and off the field and it's nice to see someone of his calibre who lives in the city year round.

Here's hoping he stays healthy and tears up the league, no pun intended.

Good for us. With the other FA's not re-signing, we can go after other FA's

It would have been sad to see Matty D leave. Of all the guys that were up for Free Agency I was hoping to sign Dominguez the most. We can lose guys on D but Matt is a necesscity.

Eddie Davis more than MD. I like Dominguez but look at Rider D without Davis in line up this year. Different team.

Yes. Simply because he is the teacher of the defence in a lot of ways.

he's a great community guy to have here and a great team player only problem is he's always injured. if he can have an 18 game season for us for once there's no doubt he'll crack 1000 yards...and then there's the playoffs...would be nice to see him play in them for once :frowning: