Matts Sundin to battle Pierce for QB position!

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In a bold move, Wally Buono has acquired the rights to Mats Sundin to play for the BC Lions this coming season. Sundin will battle Buck Pierce for the starting QB position. Promotional videos for the Lions are in the works but arguments have erupted over whether it should be called the Mats and Buck show or the Buck and Mats Show next season!!!!! Buono claims he got Sundin for a firesale price from another professional sports team in Vancouver??!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol: Mats and Buck Forever!!!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Mats might be looking for some other work soon because he sure doesn't seem to be helping the 'Nucks it seems. :wink:

Well I hope Mats returns most of that 5 mill he's fleecing off the Canucks and goes queitly into retirement. Either that or he can cover ALL the players salaries for the Lions next season as a good will gesture to the Vancouver sports fans!

Who's Mats Sundin?

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Hmmmmm Sports section, nothing in the scoring sumaries, :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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Sounds vaguely familiar to a Mark Messier playing in Vancouver rumour back in the nineties! :roll: :roll:

Maybe the same thing happens to hockey centres who move to Vancouver as seems to happen to QBs who go to Hamilton.

Canucks get what they deserve. They could have had Brian Burke back but elected to hire a player agent to do a GM's job.

I posted this news on another site about 2 months ago. :smiley:

Actually, they way Sundin is taking more penalties than scoring goals, Wally wouldn't take him for that reason. :lol: