Matthieu Proulx to retire

Enjoy retirement. :thup:

Matthieu Proulx; Played hard game in and game out. Best wishes on retirement.

Not a surprise. Proulx was a great player but had a lot of trouble staying healthy. He's also got a law career lined up so he'll be plenty busy with other things now that his football days are over. Best of luck, Mathieu, in all your endeavors. :thup:

And not a surprise after the Als signed Tad Crawford. The speculation was that Crawford was signed for this reason.

Good luck to him in his law career.

I am fairly glad he is gone. His comments leading up to the Grey Cup that the Als were brutal. Calls of discrimination supersede the sport. He should have been fined and suspended. I was disgusted that someone would try to play the french - english card in that situation. He is blinded from reality. with such tactics, as a lawyer, i feel for his clients.

Can you please provide a link or a quote so we know what the heck you're referring to? Thanks.

He NEVER played the "French English" card.....NEVER!
Please get your facts straight