Matthews Was Interested In Cat Job !!

8) According to Steve Milton, Obie said that Gil Scott, Don Matthews agent called The TiCats to see if there was any interest from them regarding hiring Matthews !!
  Obie said that Matthews was not a candidate as far as the Cats were concerned.

  Dave Ritchie, another of Scott's clients, was not a candidate either, and is not under consideration for the future job here should Marcel not be retained next year  !!

Don was never coming here... it was leverage to get more money out of Toronto. He said last night he wouldn't go anywhere else.

OTR interview: he said he wouldn't consider any coaching job except Toronto

Doesn't matter. The Don would only be good for a couple of seasons. We need someone younger who shows some spark right away and can lead this team for the next 5 years.

So what are Obilovich and Rambo doing in Hamilton

who is going to be given 5 years when marshall lasted just a little over 2 seasons and taffe 1.5 years? who would even want to do it?

We need someone younger who shows some spark right away and can lead this team for the next 5 years.
In his BEST Jim Mora EXASPERATED voice ...

5 Years ??
5 Years !!??
Are you KIDDING me ? 5 Years !?

The way this RINKY DINK Operation goes through Head Coaches ... I can't see how ANYBODY who has been PAYING ATTENTION could make such a PREPOSTEROUS statement ...

Combine that with an UNRULY Fan Base that has ZERO TOLERANCE for anything called a REBUILD - and I would have to believe that the author of such a STATEMENT has been OUT of Country for the last 5 years ....

Although I AGREE wholeheartedly with the IDEA - in the words of the RingMaster Himself - "I can't IMAGINE a scenario where the next HC is in Hamilton for the next 5 years."


And yet, if Dmac was made coach, I bet fans would be patient and he would last 5+ years.

It's all window dressing.

When the slimy Boatmen saw us fire Taaffe they jumped on the Don before we could get him. Now we'll see if the Dons as good as everybody thinks he is.

Well...I have been paying attention and I don't think I am being preposterous.
Here's why:
What baffles me is that Charlie stayed for so long. Many of us knew last year that Charlie was the wrong guy. Just like Maas. Obie knew it too but ended up giving Charlie the benefit of the doubt this year.
So that's why we are looking again. If we end up with a head coach that "has it" I think this team and many of us fans would be more than happy to give him 5 years. New coaches like Austin, Trestman, Hufnagel...we all know they "have it". There will be more and I hope one of 'em ends up here. That will be Obie's big test as GM. He can't afford to blow it again like he did when he kept Charlie.
Those are my conclusions. Do you have any constructive suggestions as to how we get this team turned around? Dumping all over this team doesn't help.

Well, _62 ... to be PERFECTLY frank ... I am done with CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions as it pertains to the CLOWNS running this CIRCUS.

You may, as you say, have 'known' that Taaffe was not the man for the job here ... but, to suggest Bob O'Billovich 'knew' as well - goes against ALL the EVIDENCE that I can see ... Charlie had another job offer ... If, as you say, "Bob knew, too", then WHY did he go out of his way to KEEP him ??

I suggest he kept Charlie because Mr.Taaffe had ALL the CREDENTIALS and Bob DID BELIEVE that with a NEW ROSTER, Charlie, could INDEED lead this club to the Playoffs.

If you ask me - Bob O'Billovich FIRED Charlie to DEFLECT ATTENTION from his OWN Failings as a GM ... Glaring FAILURES which als4ever has HIGHLIGHTED in another thread.

To the ASTUTE list of als4ever - I would also ADD the not so MINOR fact that it was O'Billovich who HANDCUFFED Charlie, and this Organization with a couple of RETREAD Co-Ordinators who were looking for jobs. (They were looking for jobs cuz' they are HORRIBLE at what they do !)

Which leads me to YET ANOTHER BLUNDER of Bob OB ... and that is replacing a PERFECTLY CAPABLE man with one who has ZERO EXPERIENCE at the position ... can you say "JOKE!" - I knew ya could !

Which brings me to the MAIN POINT of my original post ... and that is to say this COMPLETE ORGANIZATION - from Scott "I got hired on my Dad's Reputation" Mitchell through to Bob "Dinosaur Relic of the Oldest Boys Network the CFL has to offer" O'Billovich on down to the aforementioned USELESS Co-Ordinators (and lest I FORGET to mention the KING of CLUELESS himself - Bob "I'm in it for the Tax Write Off" Young) - has DONE NOTHING that makes me think they will EVER "get it right".

But, just because you ASKED - I will offer this little PIECE of wisdom ... About a DECADE ago a little team out west, called the RoughRiders, were in a SIMILAR situation of DISARRAY, and MALAISE. They hired a man named Roy Shivers. Who, in turn, hired a man named Danny Barrett. It wasn't TOO LONG before that Organization began to turn it AROUND. Although no Grey Cups were delivered ... Respectability and Playoff Games became the NORM. I say give that REGIME a chance to do it again here in Hamilton.


P.S I hope ALL the Desjardins HATERS are happy, too ... I mean, for ALL the crap that man took from this group of WIND BAGS - atleast he had an EXCUSE. He was a man GAINING EXPERIENCE. Atleast he had the COURAGE to stand by his CONVICTIONS, while he was ACCLIMATIZING himself to his new ROLE ... What, in the name of Ben Zambiasi, can Bob O say for himself !!???

CFL coaches almost never last 5 yrs in the same city. I know Buono's been in BC for a long time now (and he was in Calgary for a long time too) but he's the exception. Did Pinball coach TO for 5 years?

If we had a coach who could last here for 3 years that would be nice.

He also siad that during the media conference in the afternoon.

He has high regard for Pinball, Rita and Burrato and THAT is why he came back.

What in the name of Troy Davis, Tim Bakker, Dan Comiskey, Danny McManus and our first round draft pick for Jason Maas is going on?
Was that trade Desjardins?
Or was the
Rocky Butler for Wayne Smith and DJ flick his?

Either way our GMs have STUNK.

Of course "The Don" was only interested in the Toronto job.

And if we hired him, he would have been only interested in the Hamilton job.

He would have loved Obie, blah, blah, blah. :roll:

Once again Hamilton blew it. Matthews was interested in returning to the CFL (his agent Gil Scott called around to gauge interest). So they turn him down and promote the OC who has run a popgun offence all year--can't get a former MVP QB going, under-utilizes star RB Lumsden, can't score through the air, predictable play calling, etc. etc. If Matthews had been hired, at the very least for the start of next season, he would've cleaned house of the assistant coaches who clearly aren't up to their jobs and cleaned house of the players who can't play. But instead, this team will flounder around under Bellfool for the rest of this season and probably next as well. Just killing time until the next purge.

An Argo-Cat fan