Matthews to Hamilton?

Now that Don has stepped down from Montreal, do you think he may resurface in the Hammer? :rockin:


OMG, no.

He's too old and has too many health problems. It was health problems that did him in when he was in Edmonton too.

Damaged goods. Plus, I just don't like him. So there. :wink:

Damaged goods? A Coach? If I were a Ticat fan I'd be salivating at the prospects. Matthews wins championships everywhere he goes. (Does he do it by insisting the team get marquee players, maybe.... but would you complain???)

I want somebody for the long haul. Matthews is not that guy.

I would love to see someone be able to come in and stay here for more than 5 years...I want stability.

Matthews cannot provide that stability.

hhes sick

His health problems are real. He should be done coaching. However, if his health problems went away, you could never get a better COACH, short term or long.

Win now or lose for 5 more years?
The choise is yours


Gotta plan for the long haul. Matthews is 67 along with whatever his health problems may be. No question he is a winner though. Good luck to him and thanks for providing us all with some great football over the years.
The Tiger Cats need an upcoming coach who can grow with the team...just like Marcel Desjardins.

Not Going to happen Mathews is Done..
Plus He Close Practices forever...:frowning:

Charlie Taff are Bust :slight_smile:

Would love to have him, but agree with the rest of you that at 67, its time to retire and enjoy oneself.

Matthews has earned every penny he's ever been paid, and deserves the best of health to enjoy say nothing of the thanks of CFL fans for providing such entertainment and example through his career.

And, yeah, personally, I don't love him either, but have never cheered for any of his teams, and that colours my opinion considerably! But I must respect how so many players have claimed that "The Don" is one of the very best coaches of our game...

Not only that, but according to an article on, which you cna read if you click here, he has said his coaching career will be finished when he's done in Montreal. After all the years he has coached in this league, I'm sure he'd like to retire.

But Matthews is the kind of coach that the Ticats needed, IMHO. And expereinced coach who knows how to win in this league would have been great to have. But from what I understand, it was time for him to retire and perhaps he knew it.

Everyone talks about Matthews and his health problems which led to his resignation in Edmonton.

If I recall he had a falling out with Tom Higgins who I believe was the GM.

If it was health problems why didn't he return when he felt better?

Some people have suggested that he is a quitter ... let me say that it appears when he "loses" the room he tends to remove himself from the situation.


let me say that it appears when he "loses" the room he tends to remove himself from the situation.

Matthews back to Edmonton - Edmonton fans happy but Matthews I do not believe will be coaching anytime soon.
Taeffe to Montreal - Montreal fans happy but Taeffe I doubt will come back to the CFL
Maciocia to Hamilton - Very marketable because of connection with Mass but if he loses 1st game people will hate him immediatley. Hamilton fans would give Taeffe or Matthews a larger window.


Very interesting.....

Desjardins managing in Hamilton &
Matthews steps down from the Als due to health issues?

We will see in May 2007

I don't think you want Matthews.
He does have a good record as everyone keeps saying, but he is much like Mike Keenen. Great for a couple years and then his act just wears way too thin.

He is a tough no nonsense coach I think we need this to turn this team around Don won't take any BS from nobody! He has a PROVEN track record.

With Don’s arrogant abrasive personality
and his history of wearing out his welcome
with the media and the fans of 6 CFL teams

IMO, Don Matthews wouldn’t be a suitable fit
as coach of caretaker bob’s kind of team.

LOL Hopefully not but if we lose Tafeffe to Montreal we might have to!Remember there will be probrally Maciocia out there too but I dont like him either!Matthews reminds me of an other washed up Lancaster!Dont want it!