Matthews Rips Argos and CFL!

He makes a good point and he did it with some class.

Two words:

Lawrence Phillips.

Phillips wasn't under contract to another league when he was signed.

I liked that Matthews also pointed out the fact that not only is there no so called loophole, but there's even a clause in a standard CFL contract to prevent exactly this type of situation.

I’d respect the opinion a whole lot more if it wasnt from a guy who bended or broke every rule in the book to win.
So this is what people are mad at, legal minutae and contractural law?
How righteous.

Which reminds me of two more words:

Videotaping coaches

Respect for Matthews? Not today.

Expecting the league to adhere to at least some semblence of conitinuity in the way contracts are submitted?
No team (mine included) should be able to re-write a standardized contract and expect other teams to sit back and give it the old thumbs up without a second thought.

Your damn right I'm rightous.

Every team's owner signed off and agreed to it. Maybe you should write some letters.

Maybe I should, but then again taking advice from dorks isn't my daily routine.

Same here, opinions of lifer-long complainers dont mean much.

Twenty years without being busted just to have it all end on

Matthews is correct in what he said AS IT APPLIED to situation regarding whatshisname.

It has nothing to do with them signing Phillips --- which I thought was boneheaded move.

If a player is under NFL suspension, he shouldn't be allowed to play in CFL.

For that matter, no American player with criminal conviction should be granted Minister's Permit just to come up here and play football.

There's a only tens of thousands of players not playing in NFL etc.

Why does CFL need to be the haven for reclamation projects or to soothe egos of GMs or coaches who think they can turn guy around?

I agree with Matthews, but he's still a cheating snake. He just did this because he felt left out on his 15 minutes of fame south of the boarder, and it worked, he was talked about for a whole minute on ESPN's PTI.

Hmm, what is your source for this "information"?

Good point, sobrien, that there needed to be Federal political action to accomplish this, I hadn't thought about that. Maybe we can get Steven Harper to comment?

I'm not a Don Matthews fan, but I do respect the man as one of the best coaches in League history. He can rightly claim that his hands, (strictly by the rulebook!) are "clean", LP was a legal deal in every sense, no "rules" against taping other teams or coaches, even if the ethics aren't even debatable. On the other hand, if we'd have thought of how to do it first (if we didn't ever do so?), maybe we'd have more conciliatory positions on it.

But he's dead right that the Rule was broken. The Comissioner probably raised the point with the BoG's, but, once again, everyone laid down and "took it" because, again, it was Toronto doing the fiddling, and God knows if Toronto has a losing team, the rest of Canada will boycott the games and turn off the TV, and the glimmering chance that a US network might pick up the CFL will crash and burn if Regina, Hamilton, Winnipeg or some such team should be dominant, and Toronto should be seen to be an overaged group...

Okay! I think I've got it all out now!

But I do think when teams signed off on RW getting brought into the season, they were making a really dumb move...

But I do think when teams signed off on RW...
Again, I'm curious where you guys are getting the information that all the other clubs signed off on RW.

Geez, Bob, I honestly think I saw it either on this forum or in the Spectator.

If you say it isn't so, then you are an "absolute", because you have that knowledge, where posters and newswriters do not...and I apologise if I have drawn an incorrect conclusion and spread it...

But if thats right, there's been a "breaking of the rules", and something needs to come of it...

I heard one team who didn't. :lol:

Great Post! :thup:

Didn’t you have to sign something about allowing him to return to the NFL next season without putting a waiver claim in for him? I thought it was reported that all teams signed off on this, but Hamilton (meaning you Bob :lol: ) was the most reluctant and the last to do so.

I remember reading something about that but I can’t seem to find it.

Anyways, I beleive that’s what everyone is referring to by saying “signing off”.

Here's a bit from the Star.

[i]It was the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, according to the Argos, who were unwilling to promise to not claim Williams on waivers after this CFL season that prolonged the process that ultimately saw the suspended Miami Dolphins running back sign with the Argos on Sunday.

The Argos say the six other CFL clubs agreed in principle to not put in a claim
for Williams if the Argos simply released him after the Grey Cup game
in November, thus greasing his path back to the NFL.

The Tabbies, however, refused to go along.[/i]