Matthews resigns...!!

Here is the link...

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oh no maybe Taffe will go to Montreal

I wish Don Matthews all the best and hope that if his reason for resigning is his health, that he takes good care of himself and gets healthy again soon.

even if DM becomes available after his health
issues are settled, i would advise hamilton
to pass on him, his days are over.

Best wishes to him and hopefully the health issues are manageable.

Alright Desjardins, now there are two in the hunt for Taffe. Hope you're given the resources to compete with Montreal.

Bring him to Hamilton - Als still have 8 wins so far, I think thats better than the Ticats total wins in 2 years!!

It would be a good move bringing him here and a good move on his part to jump ship when he did. Montreal's cheapness is finally catching up to them like it did here, they will be cellar dwellars for a long time because of it.


Since when? Would you have taken him after he led his club to within a hair of the Grey Cup last year? Would you have taken him when he took his team to a 7-0 record to start this year? If one six-game losing streak does him in in your eyes, you might be passing on a great opportunity.

Don will only return to coaching if he wants to. And if he wants to, I'd pick him up in a heartbeat if I were the Hamilton GM.

If he fully recovers and wants to return to coaching, I'd hire him in a second if I was Hamilton. He's forgotten more about CFL football than most coaches know. He may not be popular but he can win and he's proven that.

An Argo fan

Remember to bend at the knees.

That could be interesting as Charlie was there before wasn't he. But I would think Popp will consider some of his assistants as well.

Let me just say that I wish for the best for Don Matthews, and I hope he'll be fine. And according to this TSN article, which you can read if you click here, he has likely coached his last CFL game. In fact, if you click here right now as I post this, you'll see TSN articles that bring up his career accomplishments. That makes it seem as if TSN is treating this incident as if he is finished with coaching.

So it looks like this year will be the last year in which two of the best coaches in CFL history, Don Matthews and Ron Lancaster, coach their last game. This may not have been the greatest year for either of them, but their career accomplishments will be remembered.