Matthews New Rider head coach?

What would people think if this rumour ever became fact? Don did work with Tillman in Toronto! Wouldn't his "style" be what the Riders need to make it to the Grey Cup? Sounds weird, but what if??/

Him and Tillman didnt part on good terms, it won't happen.

I think that it would create too much of a stir in the locker room. Don Mathews would not put up with any $hit. These guys have been used to their buddy Danny, a real players coach.

The chance that Tillman would hire Mathews is somewhere around the chance that the Ottawa Renegades will win the Grey Cup this year....

They don't like each other.

It would be fascinating though, watching 3 "my way, or the hi-way" personalities like Hopson, Tillman and Mathews try to work together.

Interesting perspectives! thanks for the feedback!

Don is not coming back anytime soon, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come back ever again.

So what makes you think he'd ever dream of coming here.

heck he's afraid of stadiums

The Don has gone!

He will not come back to coach

The first time he left here, he said the Regina was too small for him-- so why would he ever come back??

i would keep DB for the rest of the season if it meant keeping the Don from being here :wink:

If it would get us into a greycup - I'd settle for anyone else. I really wonder if Danny ever gets angry with the players. If I hear anymore wimpy "we didn't capitalize on our opportunities" speeches, I'm gonna scream.