Matthews Last Two Years As Coach.

As noted in my last post I believe Matthews was the brains behind the Als move to give Calvillo the OK to run a pass oriented offense and to call his own plays. After great starts the Als losses induced panic by the coach and in both years he imported players that were ineffective. Finally Matthews removed these ineffective players and gave the starters back their jobs and last year the team was very close to a win in the Grey Cup.Dickinson was the difference in that game in that he made several great runs while Calvillo made only one QB run which generated good yardage then he resorted to his predictable play calling.

I was hoping the Als would get a new coach and I have questions about Popp as the coach. Popp and Matthews were a team and I do hope that Popp will, unlike Matthews, remove the play calling from Calvillo. I also hope that Popp, unlike Matthews, will place more emphasis on a running attack.THe Als have had some great footballers but I believe coaching leadership and imagination was the problem.

Every pivot who played for Matthews (including Calvillo and Doug Flutie) called his own plays. It was a hallmark of his coaching career. The fact that Matthews’ coaching record (number of wins and career percentage) is better than good speaks to the soundness of his decision making in that regard.

True...but it seems to me that he would have been doing AC a favor if he would have taken the play calling out of the hands of his QB when the latter bagan to struggle.

I agree with Crimson. Midway through last season, it was obvious that Calvillo's playcalling wasn't up to par. At that point, they should have sent the plays in from the bench.