Matthews fined for telling the truth

Matthews fined $5,000 for comments on CFL, Williams

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail[/i]

The Canadian Football League has fined Montreal Alouettes head coach Don Matthews $5,000 for comments he made on Monday regarding the Toronto Argonauts' signing of suspended National Football League running back Ricky Williams.

Matthews accused the league of having its "head in the sand" for ignoring league rules that state a player cannot join a CFL team if he is under contract to another league. Williams has a contract with the Miami Dolphins.

He also said the move makes the league look "cheap and second rate," adding that it is "pandering to the NFL."

Matthews also directed criticism directly at the Argos for their suggestions that Williams could be a community role model in Toronto, saying that signing the running back had "nothing to do with putting the guy out together with schoolchildren. It has to do with selling tickets. It's time someone told the truth."

As CFL fines go, $5,000 is considered significant. But this is not the first time Matthews and CFL commissioner Tom Wright have been at odds. At the 2003 Grey Cup game in Regina, Matthews used the coaches' news conference to put heat on Wright over the issue of the league's honouring coaches' contracts when clubs go into bankruptcy. Matthews got his message across, but Wright was clearly irked and the issue went nowhere.

Then, during the 2004 season, the Als were twice caught videotaping opposing coaches on the sidelines during games, a tactic used to steal signals that violated no rule but drew public condemnation from Wright.

This week, Matthews was also publicly critical of the league's introduction of video replay to review some on-field calls this coming season, saying the league would be better served to hire more officials.

Montreal owner Robert Wetenhall is well known throughout the league as a staunch opponent of Wright's leadership.

The Alouettes had no comment on Matthews's fine. Wright could not be reached for comment.

All I can say is wow, and some think that mods are powertripping on here.... this is an example of censorship at its worst.... because someone had the temerity to criticize RW. Seems like Mr. Wright is overly sensitive to someone questioning his judgment....

Matthews is entitled to his opinion and I'm sure he thought he would be fined. That's fine, but maybe the league should give him $5,000 for sparking up more discussion about the league and more controversies, all adds up to making teams want to beat up on each other more and more.
Way to go Don, good stuff!


...the Don has every right to speak his mind....but i believe Matthews just might just be a little perturbed that he dosen't see Williams' name on HIS roster...could that be...hmmmmmmm.,,,the war off the field has begun in earnest...Pinball ...your turn...frankly i would like to spend five grand in another way... :lol:

theres an article in the sun calling montreal hypocrits.

well they did bring in Carter, just cause RW is a bigger name there is a problem?

but Carter doesnt have a contract with an NFL club... and that was Don's biggest beef with RW.

i doubt matthews would be complaining has the als beaten the argos to adding him to thier neg.list....cuz then ricky would be in a als jersey.

Has nothing to do with that. Even if trhe Als put him on their neg list doesn't mean that they would have signed him. For all we know, they may have decided that it wasn't worth the hassle of getting clearance from Miami.

Funny Don gets fined when Cats, Buono, Higgins and Campbell all said in one form or another that tthey wouldn't have signed him or didn't like the process.

BTW: I'm sure, tho, Don could care less.

i think the don was fined for his attacks on the league, not the signing.

Whatever. Is disagreeing with the commish worth being fined?

Don can afford $5000 I think. He's a bit like the other Don, you know the fruity cherry kind, says what he thinks no matter what.

"head in the sand"
"cheap and second rate,"
"pandering to the NFL."

this would be a fine in the NHL too.

Oh yea.

Maybe. But by being so direct, he better voiced opposition which is shared by others around the League, fans, media types.

Don certainly knows how to push the buttons.

Yes, League office prob issued fine because he was critical of League. But they could hardly have been surprised that someone wasn't going to take them to task over this. The others were just more reserved in their criticism.

Can you imagine the NFL fining Joe Gibbs, Don Shula or Tom Landry for answering a reporter's question?

This is what the CFL has done to a its all time greatest coach.

Fined by a little panzy who's office constantly leaks information from his office. A guy who turned over the most fragile franchise to the Gliebermans for the second time. You may not like The Don but he understands the CFL a lot better then the little wannabe crooner.

Don is correct. How can you sign a player to a CFL contract when he is under contract to an NFL team. Kinda smells like dead fish to me. I just lost any of little respect for Tom Wright for this action. Can him by year end!

...Yeah ..but red.....what about Tom Wrights message the other day ...that the league will close the loop-holes that allow suspended nfl'ers into the CFL....sounds like he is trying to correct the mis-deeds of the past and present, by not allowing such players as Lawrence Phillips and the like to ever set foot on CFL turf you're trying to shoot him down...i don't get it... :?

Thats fine fix the loop hole but because Mathews stated the truth Tom fines him. That is stupid what about the others that made statments. So saying the league looks bush is worth $5,000. It would have been better served had he phoned Don and told him to retract his statment then to fine him. This makes it worse then it really was stated. Tom needs to grow some balls!

…well red…the same could be said about the Don …why did he have to make a media spectacle of himself with his musings…everyone is entitled to their own take on the Williams situation…but when you start going to the media with your thoughts …you are hanging your butt out …so someone can take a kick at it…Wright did the right thing for the league…and he does have balls…CFL size ones… :lol: