Matthews Done?

Don Matthews has been outscored 73-13 since his return. He has lost 8 of his last 9 games as a coach.

Is he truly the answer? Has he lost his magic touch? Will it ever return?

It's a bit early to start heaping dirt on the grave. Its extremly hard to turn around a team mid season. We will know better next year when he has greater control over the final roster and what offensive and defensive schemes used.

I will say that health wise, during interviews at least, he looks healthy and not drawn out or that. Tough position for this year, agree.

Anyone who thought Matthews was going to wave a magic wand and turn this team around overnight needs to put down the crack pipe. This year is a write-off for the Argos, but Matthews will turn them around in the offseason, when Rita can go out and acquire new blood (and hopefully new coordinators).

Well, he's only been coaching for two weeks, hasn;t he? I'd say it's still too early. But one thing I don't agree with was his benching of Joseph.

he wants to light a fire under Joseph. Maybe Joseph thinks he can be a straight back pocket passer and be all nice and pretty. It doesn't have it to make it as a qb like this, he has to run and gun and be a fighter to win.

But wouldn't that have more to do with the coaches not using him properly? I thought he stopped calling his own plays several weeks after he started because he didn't like it?

True enough Chief. I don't know but he just seems like a guy who should always have the green light to go. Heck, he played some safety in the NFL with the Seahawks, the guy likes contact. I'd give him the Flutie sandlot playbook myself. Who knows.

The man inherited an awful mess.
He deserves to have an Argo draft under his belt and a full season before he’s criticized.

Mathews has too much Frank Sinatra in him in that he wants to do it his way.
Problem is is that with the SMS he can't blow up the he has to adapt his coaching plan to what he already has!!!
Can you say Eastern Divison Semi- Final in Winnipeg for the 6-12 Bombers!!!!!!
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are you posting drunk again????

Which is why he is he winingest coach in CFL history. That is what the coach is for, to have it done his way. But did you really expect him to have already turned the team around?

Even Don Matthews cannot save the Argos this year. Toronto looks bad in most areas , save for one player- Dominic Dorsey. Bruce and Talbot are good players, but they are not having their best seasons so far. The defence has gone from great to brutal. The secondary is not as good as it has been, so I'm guessing that Matthews will be doing a lot of evaluation from now until the end of the season, and you will see a lot of changes for the Argos in the offseason. Guys like Talbot, Bruce and even KJ might be gone after the season is done.

I hope someone else was watching SC. They just showed some comments made by DM, and honestly, I wasn't that impressed.

If he pisses away the Argos chances of making the playoffs, then I definitely think he should be fired. I mean, who hires the winningest coach to go 0-8?

I don't believe The Don is done as long as his health holds up. I haven't seen any other coach in the CFL get a team cranked up to play like he can. He has started his mind games to get players on edge, Joseph being replaced by Pickett, Riall Johnson upset because he's not starting, Fletcher being told he's done (maybe). Players may not like it but it gets them keyed up to play hard and that's the bottom line.
Now if they come out tonight and get blown out again I might have to agree his methods aren't working with this group or all of a sudden they are just not good enough anymore. It would time to start planning for next year.

How about now. Can we start talking about Matthews demise now that he's winless for half a season? He managed to take a 2nd place team and flush it down the drain.

Yeah, because they weren't already circling the drain... :roll:

I wouldn't say Matthews is done. I think he'll be back but he hasn't exactly done a great job. 0-8 is a long ways from a 4-6 team that he inherited.

In the words of Casey Printers … ‘you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit’.

I think he’ll turn things around in the off season, if he doesn’t I’m sure he will be yanked early next year.

anyone who cant see that mathews has already made a positive difference, as in the team is not going down anymore and has just begun to start the curve back up, doesnt know squat about football, or sport in general for that matter.