Matthew Prolux

NOt sure how to spell his name. But I think he;s really good. Any of you know what his standing is on the depth chart going into tc?

Popp said he has a good chance at making the roster but most of the positions are taken other than saftey. At the corners we got currie and crutchfield HB is durden and Malveaux or Sejour safety is the only position up in the air and right now karikari has the inside lane on that position. I would Imagine Proulx would be second or third going in with fortin

Proulx is supposed to be a great young talent but I have a hard time seeing him in a starting spot this year. As mada7 said, pretty much all the positions are filled except safety, which will probably go to Karikari with Fortin backing him up. Of course, injuries could change all that.

He is a hard-hitting talent. I think they will keep him for the special teams, to make him learn the game. That would be good move for him and Gauthier, unless they blow in camp.