Matthew Cauz is correct. Apocalypse coming?

Seldom do I agree with Cauz...and this is one of the rare occasions..

So let me say before I begin, I don't expect you to have a sudden epiphany and realize that Jamel Richardson and not Anthony Calvillo should be the Montreal Alouettes candidate for the CFL's Most Outstanding Player award. In fact, not only should he be the Alouettes candidate but he should win the award outright.
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Wow, he really is bang on this time. You get the feeling like Calvillo was nominated just because it's Calvillo and not because the football reporters were actually paying attention.

I can see Calvillo getting the nom if he played for any other team in the league as his numbers are certainly impressive, although Richardson is not just having a personal career year, yet also an all time historic season for any receiver who ever played the game.

Yeah I agree and it's a shame. Those who voted for Calvillo should have justify their decision. I know this never happens, but they certainly screwed up big time. It reflects poorly on the league, because it appear a large portion of these reporters don't actually watch/know football. This isn't a subjective thing either. Jamel Richardson is miles ahead of the competition. Hell I would have nominated Whitaker ahead of Calvillo.

i agree.

Calvillo was chosen by Montreal Media and 7 other team Head Coaches; they know their football. Maybe there was only a few votes difference between Calvillo and Richardson,but Calvillo won fairly.


If Calvillo wins he should take the cheque and split it 3 ways with Jamel and Brandon.