Matte at LG

According to the latest news from the Als Popp have been quoted as saying, "Kristian Matte played most of the season ( in regards to 2013), starting a lot of games and would be slated to step up at Left Guard."
This from the Als CFL web page Article "Alouettes spend off-season reloading"

I believe in Matte. I think he can do the job. I was really impressed with him last year and I think he's ready to be a starter.

I love the way he run blocks, his pass blocking should improve by playing. :thup:

The nice thing is he'll be joining a veteran group who can ease him into the starter's role. Bomben basically had a full season of starting because Flory was injured so early. LBJ, Perrett, and Bourke are all veterans. Bourke in particular should be able to help Matte adjust his protections on the left side and figure out how to read enemy D-line tendencies pre-snap.

What's changed is now we are thinner than we have been since we had to go sign Big Dave Mudge as a FA. There are a number of young kids in the pipe but none that can come in if there is an injury. Let's hope they stay healthy.

I also like the fact that with Matte at LG it helps the ratio loss of Emry at MLB being replaced by an import.

And while I hope he would make the Dolphins, I expect Ola back at some point.

Except that it doesn't. We've dressed an all-Canadian O-line for years. Emry's departure means we'll have to dress a NI starter elsewhere in the lineup (wide receiver or defensive tackle, most likely).

Except that it doesn't. We've dressed an all-Canadian O-line for years. Emry's departure means we'll have to dress a NI starter elsewhere in the lineup (wide receiver or defensive tackle, most likely).

For most of last season, it was 4 Non-Import offensive linemen and 1 Import.

If the 5 Non-Import offensive linemen remain injury free,it will help/take care of the ratio issue or departure of Shea


It was that way because Flory and Woodruff got injured early in the year. The plan at the start of the year was to dress five NI O-linemen as starters, as we've done since Josh Bourke came to the team. Combined with Emry at MLB and Edem/Brouillette at safety, we had a total of 7 NI starters, the league-mandated minimum.

This year, with Emry's departure, we still need to replace his NI starter spot, because without him, we only have six NI starters (five O-line + safety). So either we platoon a starting NI spot between WR (Stala) and fullback (Messam/Lumbala), or we start a NI at defensive tackle (Adebayo? Klassen?).

yes the 7th spot could be up for grabs now. Although there may not be a second defined Canadian Starter on defense, Broullette plays a lot, Klassan was very valuable as a rotation player. Any 2 deep safety set would include 2 NI's Edem and possibliy Lue or Teams ace Townsend ot Brouillete PT could just be upgraded to play a biger role on defense.
On the O side Lavoi starting gave them breathing room as a 6th Canadianstarter on offense should a sub Oline need to be import. Could the scheme include Bedard as TE and Stalla on 5 wide packages cover that on offense. Also 2 back sets including Messam or Lumbala could be very likely.
The otpions are there just unsure of how they will best fit the plan. Having the solid 2 on D and 5 on the Oline really was a nice luxury

Bedard will not be a part of the offense, I'm almost certain of that. Your longsnapper is too valuable to risk injuring, especially when we have at least two NIs who can do the job (Messam, Lumbala).

Quite often when there were 5 Non-Import offensive linemen starting, 8 or 9 Non-Imports were starters. Offensively, unless there were 5 Import receivers, there were always 6 and sometime 7 Non-imports on offence. Either a Patrick Lavoie or Ryan Bomben or Eric Deslauriers.

I do agree that there were more flexibility and less worry,if a Non-Import lineman was hurt, with Shea. It would be so more simple/easier to manage if,for instance there was a Non-import starter at DL. Ted Laurent where are you?


Well I am not quite sure that Bedard will have to be the long snapper allowing him to take a shot at his natural position TE in which he played at UCONN. Zalewski, another Uninversity and Junior TE did a lot of the Long snapping last year.
As for Messam and Lumbala neither are FB/TE. They could go with a 2 back set as they did 2 years ago with Whitaker and anderson that worked but Messam nor Lumbala will play FB.
We shall see Bedard is currently not listed as LS anymore but rather as TE. It could mean nothing but it could mean something in having your best TE actually play TE since there is already another capable LS.
Like Matte playing LT many scoffed at such an idea when brought up coming up with all of his short falls on the left side. In the end however he was the next best lineman by far on the roster so he will be starting at LG.

Very true. There are a lot more quality Canadian offensive lineman and defensive lineman out there than any other position. It is really seen in the amount that are playing at the highest level of University football DI NCAA and in the NFL.
No stats or anythin here but it has been discussed by many to do with the Hockey culture being so huge. Players with those big size bodies mostly all start off playing hockey until there body size moves them to football. By playing hockey they are able to develop some agility skills.
And yes Laurent would answer that problem



Sorry to hear that... I'm sure he's got a home with the Als if he wants it.

Wow that was fast. Tough on these guys who grew up with a dream of making the NFL.

Im sure Popp will welcome him back, but hes a free agent and maybe a team like Edmonton desperate for o-linemen would value him more.

edmonton has got there guy at LT when they made the trade for Tony Washington from Toronto. With the uncertain CBA he could likely take this time to look elsewhere in the NFL. One mans junk is anothers treasure. Popp got a tip on him from the UFL and quickly payrlayed that into a starting job with the Als.
He could possibly land another camp roster spot on in nFL TC. Intersting he is just 26 compared to another Als Olineman draft Pick Foucalt who is 25 but has a ton more pro expereince. I think he is still considered an NFL rookie which makes him more enticing to sign the minimal contract and also be able to land a PR spot that could turn into a roster spot when injuries hit in the NFL.
He played great at LG for the Als last season which will fair well for him but not for the Als.
With a futures contract probably placed him in OTA's and rookie Mini's so he already has taken steps towards football shape.

Will be nice to have Ola back but it doesn't change our NI O-line depth problem.