Matt Singletary

Apparently Matt Singletary is looking good at camp the Linebacker turned Defensive Lineman has good size and speed and is the son of NFL great Mike Singletary formally of the Chicago Bears.

Matt looks like he has a good attitude towards playing for the Cats this season and hopefully he will make the team. Lots of competition this year at pretty much all spots. After hearing all this talk on Chris Williams and if he will return or not and his feelings about Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats it's refreshing to hear players that are positive and want to play here and make the team rather than how much they can make elsewhere??

Good Luck Matt and the rest of the Ti-Cats at Camp!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!

If this kid is anywhere near as good as his father, he will be a great asset to this team. Not only was his dad a great player, but had a great attitude, intensity, and always played to win. I hope he makes it.

The attitude for singletary appears to be there and ther is plenty of competition that was brought in to compete for a spot on the front 7 for sure.
The starters and players who make this defense will have earned it and will have good attitudes as it is wide open in a lot of spots and those competeing know that

an interesting CBC interview with Matt, forging topics such as Canadian football nuances and his iconic lineage..

Ticats' Singletary strives to be like his famous football dad

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hopefully this young man is able to make a contribution as the Cats are in dire need to shore the outside rush and bootlegs.

Great picture of Matt from CBC Hamilton!! I hope that Matt Singletary makes the team and can play even half as good as his father if so he would be defiantly someone to watch in this league and as a Tiger-Cat!!!

If he makes the team... how many times do you think Rod Black will remind us who his father is?

Yes, very true???

Mike Singletary was at the Black and Gold game today. I wound up sitting like 3 feet away from him, had no idea until Stu Lang came over and asked for a picture with him. He clearly was trying to remain inconspicuous, ball cap, sunglasses and a hood up the whole time. Then he was out on the field with Tillman watching line drills later on.

How did Matt do today at the Black and Gold game?

Hey tangledweb, thanks for the link to the CBC interview, Matt's mindset seems to be in the right place. The photo was good as well althought he doesn't have the Singletary eyes, looks more like a used car salesman, (just joking).