Matt Sheridan released by Winnipeg

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He was injured last year, but if he can get back to form he would be a solid pickup on the interior of the line.

What's going on. Bombers releasing guys at a pace of one a vitamins...

They want to free up some cap space to see if they can resign Picard and others.

Haha that's cute. I'm not too sure what this Kelly guy is doing, but If I were a bomber fan (God forbid) I'd be a little frightened right now.

...frightened ....nah....ecstatic that we have a guy with the gumsion to take charge and make changes that should have taken place ions ago.....The Bombers are getting in better shape as the days go by....The talent is still deep and we'll be tough in 09....I'd be much more worried, if i had a guy on 'my' team that was soaking up a half-mil....and couldn't make up my mind (50-50) on what to do with him... :wink:

Oh pulleezzeee. Printers is the least of my worries. It's the "future considerations" I'm worried about. :wink: :lol:

More worried than going into the season with Lefors/Dinwiddie at QB?

The Cats already have a great interior O-line. The problem the last couple years is bad tackles. We need Murphy and maybe another Dave Hack-like guy. Big, fast and aggressive tackles. Not slow pylons like we have had.

Hudson - Hage - Gagne-Marcoux is a very solid interior and why we run the ball so damn well. Don't fix what isn't broken.

I think George Hudson lost a step last year, and even if he was still capable of starting, he's 33 now, and he's going to slow down sometime soon, so might as well start looking for a replacement.

i am really heartened by the fact that no one suggested we 'bring matt sheridan to hamilton!'
thank you very much.
the guy is slow, injury prone and about 50 pounds too heavy, which is probably why he's always blowing out his knees. he's six-foot-three and has topped 375. not too bright either.

This article in today's edition of the Winnipeg Sun states that, due to various injuries, Matt Sheridan has started only 20 of 54 games over the past three seasons and wore out his welcome in Winnipeg:

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It therefore seems unlikely that Obie would take a chance on Sheridan.

I trust you are right................and I think zenstate is bang on in his analysis. The interior of line is not the problem...the run blocking was great last year; it's the tackles who are more responsible for the obscene number of sacks last year, that is where help is needed.

Plus 80-90% of all sacks come from edge rushers. When the Cats played in BC last season and Porter got sacked 10 times every single one came off the edge.

With Peircy retired we need Pavlovic to turn into a better blocker or draft another FB with one of the 2 first round picks the Cats get again. Better tackles will help a lot but you still need good backfield blocking. I saw a few great backfield blocks from Tre Smith late in 08 but he is too small to play that role all the time.

I think the Cats really need to use the 2 first round picks on a OL and a FB. Get the best 2 available.

Ed Tait of the Winnipeg free press implies that the Ticats might be interested in Sheridan because Gibson worked with him in Winnipeg years ago. The same article hints that the Bombers might be interested in one of our Canadian O-Linemen in a trade for Glenn, and that trade will happen soon, becase most CFL team's scouts are now back from watching bowl games in the States.

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If I were Obie, I would deal Dyakowski, Bekesiak or Rempel, but it would have to be for Glenn plus another player. Gagne-Marcoux, Hage and Hudson should be untouchable.

Well according to that Kelly is looking to get his first round pick back in exchange for Glenn. I hope Obilovich isn't gonna embarass himself in a trade like that with Winnipeg. We saw last year that a third overall pick equates to a starting Olinesman.
The Ticats already paid the price for that pick playing the last half of 2008 with no MLB and now that the goose is about to hatch,Winnipeg wants it back ! I hope BO isn't going to get tempted by this.

I believe that Obie will probably trade a backup O-lineman OR the 3rd overall pick to Bombers for Glenn, not both.

My hope is that Dyakowski is shown the door in this trade. The guy is like a revolving door out there on the field.

Third overall pick is a steep price to pay for Glenn. if they make that trade it would also mean the Ticats think of Glenn as their starting QB and not Porter. Are the fans going to be impressed with a third recycled QB brought in to the Hammer? Third overall pick is an Eric Fraser who could be the next HItchcock or O'Shea... While Knowlton is a good player the pick Obilovich gave up became Rolly Lumbala and now the Ticats are looking around and saying oh! we need a fullback...

A spare NI linesman that would be ok.

I'll agree with most of that post, but for the comparison of Knowlton and Lumbala. I'll take a quality LB like Knowlton over a fullback any day....especially a LB who plays (great) all game, whereas a FB is only used in certain sets.

I agree Knowlton worked out well. I am just pointing out that you build good teams in the CFL with your draft picks and strong recruiting south of the border. When you start trading picks for imports as a rule. It means your failing somewhere, usually recruiting and scouting down south. There is at least 300 linebackers coming out of college in the US every year. If things are proper you should not need to give up a top pick for one. Obilovich took a shortcut with the Knowlton trade and it worked out well for both teams but it should not be the norm. Good teams in the CFL don't give up draft picks , they collect them.

Okay I'm with you there.................I just thought that if you compare Knowlton with Lumbala straight up, you take Knowlton hands down. But yes, hoarding draft choices is a better approach long term; and trading the 3rd pick overall for Kevin Glenn who is owed a big bonus shortly is not something I'd be in any particular rush to do. I think the Cats are taking the right approach and making Mr Kelly sweat this one a bit; he already (very foolishly, in my opinion) came out and publicly said he was going to trade Glenn, and I don't think aside from Hamilton anyone is terribly interested, so the Cats can play a waiting game isn't as if they really really need him anyway. If I was Obie I"d put the gun to Kelly's head and tell him sure we'll take Glenn off your hands, but sweeten the pot a bit, toss in someone else and we'll talk seriously.