Matt Sewell cut by Titans

From Drew Edwards

According to this post from the beat guy who covers the Tennessee Titans, McMaster's Matt Sewell has been released by the team.

The Titans have waived tackle Matt Sewell, one of two undrafted free agents from Canada on the team’s roster.

The move came with a transaction wire notation that Sewell had left the team.

Sewell was drafted 8th by the... wait for it... Toronto Argonauts. Ranked No. 4 going into the draft, Sewell fell because he'd already inked a deal with the Titans and was expected to be in the NFL a while.

Rumor on SEWELL from TSN DAVE NAYLOR with my reply below

David William Naylor David William Naylor ?@TSNDaveNaylor 7m

Multiple sources say former Mac OL Matt Sewell asked for his release from Tennessee so he could return home to play with Argos. #cfl #Argos

@TSNDaveNaylor wow why would he do that and lose all the big money of NFL ? Seems very unlikely unless he feels he needs seasoning in CFL

he may have come to the realization that the competition was stronger than expected, or was simply homesick and prefers to play in front of domestic crowds.
just speculation of course..

Tillman and company outsmarted by Barker AGAIN??

The Canadian Draft, don't you just love it. :roll:

Two years of game tape to submit then try again.
Sewell's "home sickness" and love of Canada or TOR or the CFL will be replaced by "well, it was always my dream to play in the NFL, everyone knew that"

Personally, I pay no attention to rumors. I do find it exasperating that he is Toronto property.

Both of our lines need much work and I don’t see much happening.

Matt was cut by the Titans but he's not coming north to Toronto he's going to look at other teams and options in the NFL before settling on playing for the ArgoSnots down the road if his opportunities run out south of the border???

Of course any player will try for the money opportunity of the NFL, I don't think anyone should fault players for that. But I'm sure that they appreciate a league like the CFL that will provide players an opportunity to make some money after college and compete for a great historic trophy like the Grey Cup if their NFL money dreams don't work out.

Again, I wish nothing but the best ie. able to make the most money possible, for any graduating college player wherever and whatever sport.

GM Jim Barker w/ @tsn1050radio said that the team is closing in on securing a contract with 8th overall pick Matt Sewell....

He was released by the Titans so he could play for the Argos? Sounds a lot like the old adage, "If you're being run out of town, stay in front, keep your head up, and make it look like a parade."

No Argos. Going to grad school in the fall.

Agree another, one of the best reasons why the CFL is one friggin awesome league, really makes young football players put a life after football into perspective when they should, right when they are sill in university. Very smart dude. :thup:

Sewell’s Mc-Master’s plan surprises Marauders

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Say you are sorry… :wink: