Matt Robichaud

I'm not here to lay waste to Matt Robichaud or critisize any of his accomplishments that I might be overlooking but what does he do on this team other than long snap and special teams coverage. The man essentially has no stats and from what I've seen at practice, doesn't participate in defensive drills.

Is he a really really good long snaper or what? I understand you need reliability at that position but is this his lone specialty?

If someone could correct me in terms of my observation of never seeing him practice with the defence, please do. Any insight to his contributions to the team would be great. I just want to know what he does on the Cats...

I apologize ahead of time if I've been extremely ignorant on this matter...

I'm a knowledgable football fan and I completely agree with you. Robichaud is an absolute pylon on special teams coverage, and would NEVER make an impact even filling in temporarily for a starter at LB. Surely if the Cats ever get Brochu (a TE they drafted a year ago who can long snap as well as play O), Robichaud should be shown the door.

Experienced long-snappers are worth their weight in gold. So yes you can be a "pylon" in other facets of the game, yet valuable to the team.

Sadly, the pylons on this site usually have no other redeeming qualities.

Haveing a player on the roster just to be long snapper semms like a lot. Couldn’t someone else long snape ?

Hey Ty-Pex, while we're at it, let's draft a guy whose only specialty is to tee up the ball so Boreham can kick it off. You're right, Ty-Pex, if that guy can't play special teams or fill in for a starter, what does it matter? After all, as Vince Lombardi once said, it's important for a coach to waste as many roster spots on as many one dimensional non-starters as possible.

Don't underestimate the value that Matt Robichaud provides this football team. He is a very good long-snapper. Next time your watching the game, look and see how fast he fires that ball back to the punter. Ron Lancaster once told us at a quarterback club meeting that a good long-snapper is the hardest position to fill in the CFL or the NFL, bar none. He told everybody that if we knew of any good ones to please send them down to practice so they could show what they can do. So, in conclusion, I couldn't care less if Robichaud twiddled his thumbs on the bench all game long, as long as he comes in and does his job well.

Well dude, fact is Ty-pex is right. Virtually every team in the league(and the NFL) carries a long snapper. It’s tough to do, and not a lot of fun getting smacked by 300 pound lineman. The guy is paid to get the ball back quick and accurate.Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Pope is right on.
You dont miss guys like robichaud until you see the ball go three feet over Fleming's head in in his the worst possible time.

Thank you all for your input...

i hate that term bar none, must make stupid peoeple feel smart…

sorry if im sounding like an ass and no offence to u. i jus hate it and thats my opinion i know no1 asked for it im just letting u all know.

If you want to trade Lombardi quotes (real quotes) here’s one that applies:

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual
The long-snapper is crucial. If you don't have a reliable one, your punts, field goals, and extra points are all at risk. Waste of a roster spot? No way.

Not only is Robichaud the best long-snapper in the league...I'd beg to differ on the pylon report from the "knowledgeable" football guy. Robichaud is usually the first one down the field on punts. The first man "rarely" makes the tackle, but rather forces the returner to either the inside or the outside, depending on the kick being on the strong or weak side of the field. Coverage teams are designed this way.

So to answer the original poster, yes he's worth it and yes, he does more than that.

if a long snaper can get it back to the punter and put it right in his hands he is worth a space

On the Tiger-Cat football game broadcasts on CHML radio last year, colour commentator John Salavantis said on a number of occasions that Matt Robichaud has very good velocity on his long snaps. This topic came up often during the periods of time when Robichaud was out of the lineup due to injury and the team had to make do with replacement long snappers.

By the way, Robichaud's bio on this website states that he was credited with three special teams tackles in 2005.

Robichaud got banged up last year and we brought in some "stiff" that was brutal.
I'm up on my Ticat information and I refuse to remember his name...he was that bad.

Robichaud does the job...end of discussion.

I remember watching Robichaud practicing his long snaps one day in 2004 where he was firing them at the concrete wall by the tunnel.......I thought the footballs were going to explode due to the speed of his snaps. I've never seen a guy snap the ball with such velocity.

I think Robie is right up there with the best long snappers in the league. The Cats had a hell of a time last year finding a suitable replacement during Matt's injury.

Happy Tim Hortons Camp Day! :stuck_out_tongue:

His family is grateful for that small mercy.

matt is invaluabe to this team and will be kept. i don’t think he’s even considered a lb at all anymore.
those that have seen him know what a reliable long snapper he’s been.
there are few players who may make this team strictly based on their special teams and flexibility and more than just another depth player eg…donnelly,robichaud,lezi, beveridge