Matt O'meara back in rider green

In todays leader post they have a column about recent training camp cut, O'meara(sp). The riders have picked him up due to injurys on the offensive line. Matt has already met coach Wylie while on the blue bombers. Matt will probably find himself in a starting spot with an injury riddled O-line.
Matt O'Meara worked with the first unit at tackle again… so it’s O'Meara-Parenteau-O'Day-Best-Harris...O'Meara worked with O-Line coach Bob Wylie in Winnipeg so terminology is not a problem. Just working on communication with the rest of the line. 6-foot-7 Import Offensive Lineman Joel Bell practiced with the first team today, he is an option too if he learns quick enough. - TSN

Both these guys are working with the first team:

O'Meara - Parenteau - O'Day - Best - Harris [ Hutchins ] [ St. Pierre ]

O'Meara is a NI, replacing the Import spot of Johnson -- no word yet on the ratio juggling. The 'gulf' between where Bell is and where he needs to be doesn't sound like he'll be at work on Sat.